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Gasoline & LPG Forklift

Posted By: assistantforklift

Date: Fri, 27 May 2022

Price: $50.00

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Product Features
Powerful Engine And Trasmission System
Power and transmission system is composed of excellent components by using advanced manufacturing technology and machine and high quality engine.This combination made the truck powerful and reliable.

Strict Environment Protection Design
We applied a lot of strict environment friendly designs on our Gasoline and LPG Series products. All these measures efficiently protect the user and the improve the environment.

Super Character
Attack LPG forklift truck has super advantage in compatibility by using IMPOC Converter system. The strong point lies in that we imported the whole Converter system was integrated in one unit and passed the UL certificate.

Large Volume Filter System
Equipped with filter system with Chinese speciality -more impurity in the gas. VFF30 has large filtering face, higher filtering precision, lower inlet air pressure. It also equipped with vacuum switch off valve to cut off the gas supply.

Easy Maintenance
The 2.0-2.5T gasoline forklift/LPG Forklift Truck is easy and convenient for maintenance. It is not necessary to install bolts on the front or rear baseboard. Therefore, it is easy to disassemble even without any tool.

For more information, pls contact us by mail :

Measurements and Technical Data
Load capacity kg 2000 2500
Load center mm 500
DIMENSIONS Max. lifting height(VM300) mm 3000
Free lift(VM300) mm 160
Fork size (L×W×T) mm 1070*122*40
Overall length(without fork) mm 2460 2530
Total width mm 1150
Mast height (fork lowering) mm 1995
Overall height fork raised mm 4030
Height to head guard mm 2120
Truck weight kg 3240 3580
TIRES front/rear 2/2
front axle 7.00-12-12PR
rear axle 6.00-9-10PR
Rated power kw/rpm 31.2/2250
Rated torque Nm/rpm 144/1600
Number of cylinders 4
Dislacement L 2.065

ATTACK GLOBAL (HK) Co.,Ltd. is a professional articulated forklift manufacturer specializing in material handling machinery for more than 10 years. We produce and supply electric reach truck for sale, self loading forklift, etc.

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