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Electric Reach Truck

Posted By: assistantforklift

Date: Fri, 27 May 2022

Price: $50.00

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1.5T reach truck-stand-up type, flexible, compact in appearance,no emissions,low noise,working in narrow field, suitable for tobacco, textile, food, supermarket and other industries; Due to the stand-up driving, good vision, particularly suitable for occasions with high vision requirements.

1.6-2.0T electric reach forklift - SIT-DOWN TYPE
1.6-2.0T Sit Down reach type forklift, flexible, compact in appearance, no emissions, low noise,high efficiency, especially suitable for tobacco, food, textile, electronics, printing and other industries; with the forward function, to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo, especially suitable for narrow roadway and narrow space operation.

TFB 4-direction reach truck with 4 direction changing and moving; AC Driving system, hydraulic steering; All our weighing machines are made using high quality load cells that have a very good repeatability.

High speed of lifting and lowering, 300% faster than normal type truck. · Straddle legs · Double scissors · Double front wheels · Full free lift masts · Side shift; Capacity/Rated load: 1800kg. CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity, making the line clear and orderly. increases the truck's reliability and easy to repair.

CQDH18C(Double Scissor) Electric Fork Reach Truck​ Drive type battery; Capacity/Rated load 1000kg; Load centre distance 600mm; Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork 123mm.

Description: We are professional Electric Truck with Crane and factory in China. We can produce the product according to your requirements.Product Advantages:• Auxiliary balance point on both sides ...
Electric Reach Truck SAFETY And STABILITY
●AC motor drive with high efficiency, no need to replace carbon brush, very good ramp starting performance.
●Two model function can control the speed of lift and lowering.
●Low center of gravity, excellent stability for operation.
●Small turning radius, good turning performance.
●With advanced variable frequency AC motor free maintenance and excellent performance.
●Can control the speed of driving and lifting in the same time.
●Shock absorber system support good noise reduction.
●Wide view mast and clear visibility.
●With full free lifting, can work in the limited roof environment.
●Import proportional hydraulic valve, adjustable speed for lifting/lowering.
●Muti-function display: battery status, hour meter, fault code, slow running state, etc.
●Big power controller (350A) with big power electric motor (10KW), support excellent reliability.
●Double scissors reach fork let the reach distance up to 1000mm.
●The mast fixed with the frame, when fork move forward, the mast can become the balance weight, reduce the total service weight.
●With advanced 36V electric control system, smaller electric current, ensure the reliability of the battery system.
●High speed of lifting and lowering, 300% faster than normal type truck.

Electric Reach Truck Forklift SERVICEABILITY
●Side way battery is very convenient to do maintenance and replace batteries.
●CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity, making the line clear and orderly. increases the truck`s reliability and easy to repair.
●The Mast can be separate from the frame, very good interchange ability(option).

Electric Reach Truck Stacker Forklift Option
· Straddle legs
· Double scissors
· Double front wheels
· Full free lift masts
· Side shift

ATTACK GLOBAL (HK) Co.,Ltd. is a professional articulated forklift manufacturer specializing in material handling machinery for more than 10 years. We produce and supply electric reach truck for sale, pallet stacker forklift, etc.

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