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Posted By: zegospraygun

Date: Mon, 16 May 2022

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +86 0576-86229528

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Base Coat Spray Gun
ZEGO base coat spray gun provides better and effective protection from paint, primer and frames from the elements. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

The spray width of the base coat spray gun must be wider than that of the atomized layer. You only need to spray the base evenly on the surface to be sprayed. The atomized layer should be smaller than the wet layer, especially after spraying. The spraying of the base requires good fallibility, and the fallibility is mainly accomplished by a wet layer.

Why need Base Coat Spray Gun
A base coat is basically a paint applied to a primer layer. The base coatings do not have any hardeners or enhancers, as they are only raw paint applied to the primer. They don't provide any protection and usually don't stay there by themselves; otherwise, there will be stains on the paint. When this happens, moisture will slowly infiltrate, eventually causing the surface of the frame to rust.

To avoid this, the base coat is used with a clear coat or a urethane base coat. This will provide better and effective protection from paint, primer, and frames from the elements. It also gives a smooth lacquer finish because of the clear coating. The use of base coats and clear coats is one of the most common methods of painting because when they are combined, they protect the surface and at the same time look shiny. The base coat spray gun can perfectly fulfill this demand.

How to find the suitable base coat spray gun
Nozzle Size

If on a large wall or canvas, it is recommended to choose a large nozzle to improve efficiency, if it is to carry out some kind of fine work, then choose a thin nozzle to help spray.

Tank size

The size of the fuel tank can affect the efficiency, depending on the size of the product required.


When spraying small products in pursuit of perfect results, you need to use a low pressure spray gun and pay attention to the pressure needed to work in these parts.

Component Used in Manufacturing

Choose the right nozzle according to the product.

The material of the product is mainly aluminum, but we should avoid using plastic products, because it is not suitable for long-term heavy work.

Key Features of Base Coat Spray Gun
Fit closely;

No leakage or overspray;

Easy to install and remove.

It is suitable for use in the automotive industry, house decoration projects, walls, ceilings, shoes, painting, arts and crafts, equipment and furniture painting applications, air control, etc. When properly diluted, this tool-base coat spray gun can spray many different types of paint.

Tips for Using Base Coat Spray Gun
After receiving the goods, please try to use water as an experiment, because the verified result is satisfactory, then apply it to normal painting work. After using the gun, you must use the varnish thinner and then spray several times to keep the water tank and nozzle clean of residual paint spray. It will prevent clogging of the gun, which will not affect the future use of the gun.

Best base coat spray gun
Are you searching for the best base spray gun with high-quality and high efficiency? Now, you are arriving at the right website. ZEGO will provide the best base coat spray gun because it has proved its worth by the excellent services to its customers. Here are the top 3 best base coat spray guns. You can click on the product details.




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New Born Baby Visa

Hi everybody ,
I am a PR holder. My wife holds a DP.
I recently had a baby boy who was born outside of Singapore. Could anyone advise what are the visa requirements and how to go about it. I was thinking getting a DP for him. Any advise much appreciated.

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