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Posted By: yimingbiotechnology

Date: Mon, 16 May 2022

Price: $200.00

Mobile: +021-6858-0630

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What Is Curdlan?
Curdlan is a kind of neutral water-insoluble microbial exopolysaccharide, which has thermal-gelation property and has numerous applications as a gelling agent in the food, construction, and pharmaceutical industries.

In 1996, U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve and allow curdlan gum to be added directly in food as a food additive. In 2006, curdlan gel has been approved by the Chinese administration as a new food additive.

In 2008, Yiming, as a professional curdlan gum supplier, had built its second manufacturing plant in Shuyang, Jiangsu Province, thus realizing the mass production of curdlan (over 500 tons/year). For now, curdlan gum has been widely applied in the food processing industry (e.g. bean products, surimi products, flour products, artificial seafood, meat products, etc.) as a gelling agent, water-holding agent, film-forming agent, thickener, binder, and stabilizer, and can improve food texture, elasticity, and water-holding property.

Gelling Ability

Gelling Ability of Curdlan
Strong Water-holding Capacity

Strong Water-holding Capacity of Curdlan
Key Benefits of Curdlan in Food
Natural and safe

Wide application in food processing

Taste, elasticity, thermal-stability, water-holding capacity improvement

Easy to operate

No additional additives or process required

No impact on flavour

Cut production cost by reducing raw materials

Models of Curdlan in Food
Low Gel Strength Curdlan
Middle Gel Strength Curdlan
High Gel Strength Curdlan
Cordlan Physical properties
Cordlan is mostly powder, insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in alkaline solution and dimethyl sulfite.

The suspension of cordlan can form a colorless and odorless gel after heating. Its gel strength is high. Under cold or high temperature sterilization conditions, the gel performance is basically unchanged in the range of Ph2~11.

Cordlan Chemical properities
Cordlan has unique gel characteristics. Its aqueous solution can form thermoreversible gel and thermoirreversible gel according to the heating temperature. It can be used as a swelling agent or a substitute for natural vegetable gum when preparing foods that require thickening product.

Cordlan is degraded into oligosaccharides by enzymatic degradation or chemical methods, which increases water solubility, expands the scope of application, and improves biological activity. The degradation of Kotlan polysaccharides to curdlan oligomers (CRDO) leads to the destruction of tertiary structure and the decrease of molecular weight, and its water solubility is greatly enhanced.

Curdlan FAQs
Is curdlan safe?
Various tests have shown that curdlan is safe. The LD50-oral rat is greater than 10g/kg. In 1996, U. S. FDA approve and allow curdlan gum to add directly in food as food additive. In 2006, it has been approved by Chinese administration as a new food additive.

What are the storage conditions of curdlan?
Curdlan has a limited shelf life (normally 1 year). You need to keep it at cool temperatures or refrigerated until you use it. Once it is opened, you need to wrap it tightly and store it in the freezer.

What are the applications of curdlan?
At present, Curdlan can be widely used in the food processing industry as a gelling agent, water-holding agent, film-forming agent, thickener, binder, and stabilizer, and can improve food texture, elasticity, and water holding property.

What are the characteristics of curdlan?
Its unique characteristic is its ability to form a firm, resilient and thermo-irreversible gel when heated in an aqueous suspension higher than 80°C. Also, the curdlan gel does not melt even when it is heated to above 100°C. Moreover, curdlan gel is stable against freezing and thawing.

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