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Posted By: rentiancheng

Date: Mon, 2 May 2022

Price: $20.00

Mobile: +65 83325196

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WhatsApp link:
Free quotation
Free boxes
Free Wrapping
No hidden cost

Email: [email protected]
Office: #05-35, Pioneer Junction, 3 Soon Lee Street Singapore 627606

- Professional service, full time experienced movers who know well how to handle different furniture.
- Newly renovated lorry with new box and tailgate to minimize scratches or manual movements to protect the furniture.
- Affordable price, slightly nego acceptable for fast deals which save both you and our time.
- pls provide the item list and photos for a accurate quote. Once confirm, pls rest assured, warranty for a hassle free service.

Moving with manpower
Manpower only
Assembly & Dismantle

Pls contact us! 搬搬搬家欢迎垂询!
Jackie: 83325196 (Whatsapp/SMS)
Sky: 83286985(Whatsapp/Call/SMS)

Pls tell us which service you need?
what items you want to move?
Any lift landing or carry with staircase?
Photos would be great!

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Re: PR chances and when to apply guidance please?

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Me: Female Malaysian (Ceylon Tamil),

Pretty much in my opinion, the above is the main point that sealed the deal (along with few other positives)

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Married malaysian apply for SG citizen


I'm a Malaysian citizen holding SG PR, i would like to apply for SG citizen after hitting the minimum PR duration which is 2 years(soon). Married to a china citizen holding LTVP in SG.

Nationality: Malaysian
Race: Chinese
Salary: 144K p.a
Age: 28
Job : Software Engineer

Will the chance be lower since I'm married to a foreign spouse.

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Re: Ants are driving me mad!!!

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I was skeptical at first because it didn’t seem like the ants were taking the bait right away… you just have to leave it in their path, they will find it and they will take it back to kill the rest.

The other thing I have brought back from the US in the past year or so is Spectrum Weed and Grass Killer. I’ve never found anything like it here, and it was only $4-5 for the spray foam. We’ve often got weeds or grass growing in the concrete around our balcony/planter boxes… if left to grow, the roots can cause small cracks that cause water seepage. The stuff works, killing growth in places where I can’t reach.

I thought you can't travel with aerosols, how did you get them into the country?

Checked baggage.

Ah, forgot about that. Though to be honest, I've .....

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Re: netflix - “unable to be used in this country “

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^ ask Surfshark CS for a location which works.

I've occasionally had to ask ExpressVPN for a working location to access PrimeVideo

CS? I can only think of computer science.

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Re: Small yacht chartering business

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I reckon it's pretty doable for locals and PRs who already own a yacht. Just get listed on one of the numerous aggregators and away you go.

A captain's license is required to take passengers for hire.

If they were renting it out they wouldn't need to worry about any of that though.

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