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Laser Control Card

Posted By: hansscanner

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2022

Price: $500.00

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GMC is a galvanometer motion control card independently developed by Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T Co., LTD. GMC galvo control card embedded software architecture, powerful performance, rich integration functions. Flexible laser control interface, support a variety of common laser control. Powerful four-axis linkage function, for a wide range of precision machining to provide a set of new solutions.

Types Of Laser Control Card
Laser Marking Card
Support three kinds of galvanometer communication protocols, XY2-100, SPI and SL2.
Tips For Using Laser Control Card
Please follow all laser safety instructions (including but not limited to those described in lasers and galvanometers). At any time, please turn on the computer power supply, GC-HANSCTR007A-EE-01A4 power supply and galvanometer power supply before turning on the laser power supply. Otherwise, damage may result from uncontrolled laser beams. We recommend that you use an optical brake to avoid damage caused by uncontrolled lasers. Please prevent the control card from being damaged by moisture, dust, corrosion, and foreign objects.

When storing or using the control card, please avoid damage from electromagnetic fields and static electricity. They could damage the electronics on the control card.
Advantages Of Han's Scanner Laser Control Card
GMC marking control card is a control card developed for the marking machine using pulse fiber laser. It is connected with PC by network cable interface. DB25 socket output laser control signal, and pulse fiber laser through 25 pin cable directly connected. The control signal of galvanometer is digital signal, which can be directly connected to the international common digital galvanometer. Universal input/ output digital signal (TTL compatible). Compatible with IPG, SPI, CO2, UV, end pump laser.

Hansscanner provides galvo head, galvanometer scanner, galvo laser and etc. If you want to know more, pleasecontact us.

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1. Originals are sufficient. They will return the originals to you after looking through.

2. If this is not on the checklist, then no need to bring.

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