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High Power Galvanometer Welding System

Posted By: hansscanner

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2022

Price: $500.00

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High power galvo laser welding system is independently developed by Han's Scanner. The system after fully validated, with carefully designed double wind cooling water circulation system and excellent whole sealing, strict selection and testing of optical element, the assembly process, can be in 6KW laser power work stably for a long time. High power galvanometer welding system consists of high power galvanometer and control cabinet. The high power galvanometer system consists of a galvanometer, collimation, connection, red light indicator system and auxiliary accessories. Now it is mainly used in lithium battery welding industry, automobile welding, consumer electronics, hardware processing, aerospace and other industries.

Key Features Of High Power Galvao Laser Welding System

Product features

1. Closed-loop control system is adopted to monitor the position of galvanometer.

2. The use of high-level system security mechanism, can turn off the laser within 10ms.

3. Independently designed upper computer software, simple interface, easy to operate; Set energy waveform, swing function, welding parameters, alarm function and log in one, with debugging mode and automatic welding mode.

4. With a variety of swing functions: wavy trajectory, sine trajectory, spiral trajectory, 8 trajectory, ∞ trajectory.

5. With water cooling and air cooling double system;

6. With high-end heavy cabinet.

System advantages

1. High power galvanometer water cooling cycle system -- fast cooling, prevent lens and precision parts deformation.

2. High power galvanometer air cooling circulation system -- double micro mist separator system & one-way valve exhaust port.

3. High power galvanometer air knife blowing system -- speed up the weld forming & prevent flat field lens damage & prevent welding slag from falling into the molten pool.

4. High power galvanometer optical protection system -- a sealing ring is set between the protection lens and the outside world to prevent dust from entering.

5.High power galvanometer dustproof system, IP6X dustproof grade certification, all-round dustproof for the whole galvanometer system.

Specifications Of High Power Galvanometer Welding System
Item Technical Parameters
Maximum Laser Power(kw) 6
Laser Wavelength(nm) 1070±10
Effective Focal Length Of Field Lens(mm) 460
Optical Fiber Connection Mode(mm) 220×220
Working Height(mm) 565
Effective Focal Length Of Collimator(mm) 150(Available in other sizes)
Optical Fiber Connection Mode QBH
Clear Aperture(mm) 30
Maximum Welding Speed(mm/s) 3000
Working Temperature(℃) 25±10
Weight(kg) 20

Hansscanner provides galvo scan head, galvanometer scanner, galvo scanner laser and etc. If you want to know more, pleasecontact us.

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