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construction work permit

Posted By: EJOBS2022

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2022

Remuneration: Best Offer

Mobile: +6531591818

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Construction Work Permit

Furniture Carpenter (WP)
1 person
6 years uturn wp / core trade - $ 55 per day (more experienced can negotiate salary)
3 years u turn wp - $40 ( a little experience)
accomodation provided
8 hrs
1 week off 1 day

Painter uturn WP
• S$ 55
• accommodation provided
• 9am to 6pm
• good experience in painting skills
• 6 years u turns worker
• have boom lift license
• 1 month off 4 days
• OT 1.5

Tiler (WP)
1 person
u turn wp - $35
accomodation provided
8 hrs
1 week off 1 day , ot 1.5

Electrical contractor in MRT station project need
construction skilled 2 to 4yrs working experience in Electrical work ,
salary $24 up ,
fresh mye worker salary $20,
1 yr $21,
OT have, 44hr after OTx1.5,
please provide height n weight, full body photos

Main contractor need new to 2 yr general worker x 3 ,
salary new $21,
2yr $22,
3 yrs $23, OT have, quarantine fee pay by employer pls provide full body size photos, height n weight

Furniture contractor need new to 2 yr general worker x 3 ,
salary new $20,
2yr $21,
3 yrs $22 ,OT have, need to have experience in using power tools ,
quarantine fee pay by employer pls provide full body size photos, height n weight

Contractor needs Free quota construction skilled welder general workers ,
salary $24 - $26 depend on experience ,
OT have, prefer have 3G /4G welding experience , duties making metal bracket, timber mould for GRC making, work in factory 60%, 40% on site, quarantine fee pay by company, need to interview,

Air con maintenance Contractor need Free quota, construction skilled general workers, for air con servicing work, ,
salary $24, monthly minimum guaranteed OT 40 hrs ,
quarantine fee paid by company need to interview, please provide full body photos, height n weight

5 landscape worker WP 35 years old below (apply under construction MYER)
• S$ 20
• accommodation provided
• 44 hrs
• 1 year permit able renew
• Fresh worker never come singapore before , India non Muslim
• have SEC Certificate
• 1 month off 4 days
• OT 1.5 at least 2 hours

Wp general worker..U-turn or Mye workers also ok ..have to come and learn aircon installation job ..$23 salary..8-5pm..6 days..ot 1.5..dormitory provided .. company pay quarantine fee..apply under entry approval..


Intersted candidate send you're resume Passport and Skilled certificate to
infosingjobs ATGmail DOT com

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