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Freelance Associate for Star Health Insurance in Singapore

Posted By: fintech

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2022

Remuneration: Best Offer

Mobile: +61424742562

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Would you like to be an approved Star health Insurance Associate in Singapore?


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Sitting in Singapore you can sell Star Health Insurance policies Globally. Interested?

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In the current global economic scenario, the most important factor is HEALTH INSURANCE.

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[email protected]

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Re: Question: Transparency of Activity(ies) on Appointment of Local (Nominee) Director

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
Hello All,

My first post here so pardon for any discrepancy/breach/err regarding my query.

I used to run a pte ltd business (back in 2017) which has been strucked off. My ex-partner from previous digital marketing venture, whom is a foreigner facing limited cashflow, requested me to act as a local (nominee) director for a new incorporation doing grocery/minimart provision by FY 2024. And, I'm about to incorporate my own company doing currency futures.

When I humbly requested for transparency on company's activity, inline with Company Act, she's unwilling to reveal the complete modus operandi - citing her shareholder(s) might not approve due to trademark/trade-secret infringement especially on product line and manufacturing concern.

Her sincerity to establish an incorporation with a business plan (including hiring locals .....

Posted in Business in Singapore

Re: PR wanna be, would be or will never be. Read this

Hi everyone,

I'm currently preparing to apply for Singapore PR (after multiple failed attempts) would love to leverage the valuable knowledge within this community.

I've been working in Singapore (in IT secotr) since April 2012, but I briefly relocated for a job opportunity in the UAE last year (February 2nd, 2023). After careful consideration, I decided to return to Singapore in August 2023 and successfully renewed my EP on the 2nd of August.

My question is: Considering my recent return and 6-month absence, would I still be eligible for Singapore PR based on the ICA's criteria?

Additionally, my company recently went through an acquisition, resulting in a new 2-year EP valid until April 2026. When applying for PR, can I use the latest 6-month salary certificate from my new employer, or should I wait for a longer tenure with them?

Any insights or advice from those who have navigated the PR process would be greatly appreciated! I'm eager to learn and ensure a .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Europe retirement visas

Thanks for keeping my thread alive :)

I did a lot of research about several countries. In the end, I decided that to take the approach of go with the flow of money. Since there is no right or wrong country. You can be in the best country and still be in the bad situation over there or you can be in the worst country and be the good situation there. So everyone gets different set of circumstances, opportunities, problems etc and there is no way to compare countries and plan a move.

I never ever planned or imagined that I will end up in Singapore. But this happened and it has worked for me. There will always be something which I didn't achieve, but it is better to focus on what I achieved than what I didn't achieve.

So the plan is to just go with the flow and stay here as long as it makes sense. The main thing is my networth is growing and in the end, money matters a lot more than residency or location.

Regarding my daughter I will just take things as they come. There is still a .....

Posted in General Discussions

Re: Pr Application chances for who living in jb

Actually I’m surprised you could submit the application in the first place, since ICA stated that it is mandatory to have a local address to apply for PR.

Husband not in sg is not a problem. My colleague had been renting a room in sg (local address solved) and going back to husband in Malaysia every weekend. Eventually they both got their PR, without the husband ever stay in sg

Understand that you may want to save on rent and/or stay with husband everyday. But to get PR, some sacrifices need to be made.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Sinha

Not enough data.

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore