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customer services officer

Posted By: lim.rex

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2022

Remuneration: $2,000.00

Mobile: +855976286246

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WE ARE HIRING customer services officer / marketing
Employment Type : Full-time contract staff
Location : Cambodia
Working hours : Night-shift(10hours)
Salary Package : $1000 - $1500 USD
Comm/Incentive : 5% -12%
Start Date : Immediate
-Mandatory Requirements-
• Male or Female
• Age 18 - 33 years old
• Candidate able to read , write and understand english/chinese Langauge
• no experience requirements
• company provided training courses

( hostel,food expenses and work-permit provided )

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Re: PR Chance 2024

It would depend on several factors.....

1. subsequent applications are usually ignored/rejected out of hand if the data contained therein is nothing more than inconsequential things like COLAs (cost of living increases at work) but a major uplift due to promotion and say a better than 20~25% increase will help (but is not the be all or end all) It will be weighed and given a numerical number as is everything else in the application before it is scrutinized by "actual reasoning" as opposed to getting into the door with a magical number that is always changing depending on what the government wants to set their sights on at any given point in time.

2. As mentioned, applicant and spouse if neither are SGC, will definitely look at, again for several reasons (which ones outweigh the others is subjective for mere mortals like you and I. ICA keeps their cards VERY close to their collective chests (and I'm sure you can see the reason why just by reading a month's worth of posts on this .....

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Re: Art pieces from local artist...where can I find them?


Just to let you know, I know. And the very first whiff of a bid to flog your product as either an employer/employee or reseller, etc. via this forum or via DM to any of our members, when I find out, it will, as well as your account and posts, be deleted. Capisce? [-X


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Re: Art pieces from local artist...where can I find them?

❰❰ Quote:
Depends! Garage sales for unique finds, Carousell for wider selection and browsing ease.

Carousell also leads the way in con jobs and rip offs. Stay away unless you are a "real" expert when it comes to arts and antiquities (or anything else for that matter just for the safety of any purchases, not whether they are authentic or not.

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Re: Citizenship rejection, any advice?

❰❰ Quote:
I think it's both you and your wife's age...moreover, Singapore's an aging population so your citizenship will likely add on to the current aging population very soon. That's what I could think of.

This is the main reason and if you had not included your wife, that plays a factor too.

You may reapply after 2 years and if rejected, assume it is mostly the final decision. As a PR and also parent of a SC, you should still be ok to continue to reside her long without much challenges

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Re: Any truth in fengshui?

Don't understand what's the purpose, register an account to post this AI reply...

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