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One/Single-Crank Hospital Bed

Posted By: hbplusmed

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022

Price: $100.00

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1 crank hospital bed, one crank hospital bed is also called one function manual hospital bed. The main function of this manual hospital bed is back adjustment. Although the function of a single crank hospital bed is very simple, it can add on bed infusion pole and over bed tables and other related basic configurations. Customers' satisfaction is always our drive for better hospital bed equipment and we will constantly manufacture related products to the market.

Parameter of One-crank Hospital Bed

Functions of Single-crank Manual Hospital Bed
Back Adjustment

Patients can sit up and do some daily life activities easily by using this 1 crank bed, lessening the nursing burden for both patients and nurses.

Functions of single crank hospital bed

Critical patients in the ICU ward center need a lot of fluid exchange every day, which is very important for intake and excretion. The traditional operation is to manually record the amount of fluid in and out, but this is easy to ignore the secretion of sweat or the rapid burning of fat in the body. When there is an accurate weighing function, continuous weight monitoring is performed on the patient. The doctor can easily compare the difference between the two data to adjust the treatment plan in time, which can improve the data management of the quality change of the patient's treatment.

Functions of Single-crank Manual Hospital Bed
Convenient Operation

The ICU cheap medical bed can be controlled the movement of the bed in multiple directions. Besides the handheld controller, the bed is normally equipped with control functions on side rails of both sides of the bed and on the footboard. The foot can brake the bed. With these functions, the nurses' work becomes more convenient.

Functions of Single-crank Manual Hospital Bed
Brake and Move Easily
The ICU ward center requires that the nursing bed can be flexibly moved and fixed with stable brakes, which is convenient for rescue and transfer in the hospital. The central control brakes and medical universal wheels of the hospital bed 1 crank / hospital bed crank / bed 1 crank are mostly used.

Types of 1 Crank Hospital Bed
One-crank Manual Hospital Bed PH-M09-A
1 Crank Hospital Bed PH-M09-B
One-crank Hospital Bed PH-M09-C
1 Crank Bed PH-M09-D

If you need medical furniture design, please contact us.

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