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Manual Medical Patient Bed

Posted By: hbplusmed

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022

Price: $100.00

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Manual Hospital Beds For Sale

Shinebright manual patient bed, manual medical bed, manual hospital bed, manual icu bed covers from one function to 5 functions. We cooperate with leading brand accessories suppliers to ensure the manual patient beds are in good operation. Our R & D team keeps updating new products for distributors and cooperators. We offer customers different proposals according to customers' different actual needs. Shinebright only provides a wide range of high-end hospital beds and our hospital manual bed gained customers' good reputations by outstanding quality, reasonable design and good services.
One/Single-Crank Hospital Bed
Single manual crank hospital bed is also called one function manual hospital bed. The main function for this hospital bed is back adjustment.

Two-crank Manual Hospital Bed
Two-crank manual hospital bed is also called two functions manual hospital bed. The main function for this hospital bed is back adjustment and leg adjustment.

Three-crank Manual Hospital Bed
Three-crank manual hospital bed is also called three functions manual hospital bed. The main function for this hospital bed is back adjustment, leg adjustment and height adjustment.

Maunal Medical Crank Hospital Bed Features
The structure of a hospital manual bed is different from electric or semi-electric hospital patient beds. The main characteristics of the manual crank hospital bed are as follows.

The height of the feet, head and bed can be adjusted completely

Durable casters for improved maneuverability and secure locking

Strengthen the corner plate to prevent bending

The handle folds up to hide from probably injury

The steel frame resists deformation and bending

The stiffened spring maximizes strength and support of the manual patient bed

Hospital Manual Patient Bed - FAQ

Does Shinebright Manual Hospital Beds Only Have the Models Listed on the Website?
No, there are many other different types of manual hospital beds for sale that can not be listed on the website because of the limited space. Please contact us for more different types of manual crank hospital beds.

As a Customer, Can I Change the Manual Hospital Beds Configurations?
Yes, the manual ICU beds configurations can be changed according to your need. We can also offer professional suggestions for you to meet your different use.

How Can I Choose a Proper Manual Hospital Beds, Do You Have Any Suggestions?
If you use at home, normally one-crank or two-crank manual hospital beds can meet the daily need. If the products for hospitals or nursing homes, we suggest a three-crank hospital bed or more functions one.

Does the Manual Hospital Bed Price Include Mattress?
Yes, the quotation includes basic 6cm thickness mattress. If you want better mattress or print your logo onto the mattress, please contact us directly and tell us your requests.
Now the medical furniture price is affordable, if you want to buy medical bed, please contact us.

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