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Replica Paolo Rizzatto 265 Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Posted By: iconiclamp

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +86 0760-87617850

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Description of Replica Flos 265 Swing Wall Lamp
Flos 265 black swing arm wall lamp designed by Paolo Rizzatto in 1973, Projects by him presented at Seminars or Exhibitions of architecture and design, are included in the permanent collections of numerous Foundations and Museums: Architectural Associations in London, Milan Triennale, Wave Hill Museum Centre in New York, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Flos 265 Swing Wall Lamp is in a category all its own. Multi-angle rotatable head and long, adjustable bronze swing arm wall lamp. Perfect for illuminating a dining table or the bedside or offices to lounging, and the long arm can easily reach above a dining table, lounge chair, or sofa set. There are different materials of wall mounted swing arm lamp such as brass and bronze swing arm wall lamp and different styles of wall lifgt such as industrial, modern and vintage swing arm wall lamp.

Features of Replica Flos 265 Swing Wall Lamp
Flos 265 Swing Wall Lamp providing direct light. The lamp head rotates 360-degrees so light can be aimed in various directions.

Painted steel body and reflector.

Long swing arm wall lamp, easily reaching out.

Chrome-plated brass reflector support. Cast iron tapered counterweight.

There is an On/Off switch on the power cord.

Black and white swing arm wall lamp.

For indoor use only.
Specifications of Replica Flos 265 Swing Wall Lamp

Fixture Design Modern, Metal
Dimensions W230×H45cm
Primary Material Metal
Color options Black, white
Base Type E27, E26
Voltage AC 220-240V/120V
Wattage Max. 40W
Number of lights 1 (not included)
Light Direction Down
Cord Length 200CM
Switch Type In line ON/OFF switch
Power Source UK, EU, SAA, UL Plug
Environment Indoor - Dry Location

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