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Posted By: holikehome

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +86-20-89311964

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Holike offers different European style doors with consistently high quality. Conducting strict quality control during the production process, we have been striving to manufacture European style doors that meet the needs of our customers perfectly.

Why Choose European Style Doors?
Nothing can compare to the elegance, fashion, and beauty of European style doors. You can choose to add a European style to supply your current style of the hotel. Or, you can even design new interior doors. Materials, door design, fixtures, fittings, glass, and finishes will play an important role in this decision.

Simple and elegant style is the best choice, and that is European style doors. Choose the right door and you will get amazing results. All you need to do is to find a well-known European style doors supplier to provide excellent design to help you get the right appearance.

Characteristic of European Style Door
European style is a kind of traditional style, general referring to the unique European, with the European traditional art and cultural characteristics. It is generally used in the construction and interior industry.

There are several characteristics of European style doors as follows:

1.Romantic luxury European style is based on romanticism in form, emphasizing gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite modeling to achieve a graceful and luxurious decorative effect.

2.The styling of the doors, including the doors of the rooms and various cabinet doors, should highlight both the concave and convexity as well as the graceful curves.

3.The geometric lines are trimmed with bright colors and the facade is simple and smooth.

4.European style doors are more suitable for large area of the house. If the space is too small, it not only can not show its style momentum, but to the people living in the period cause a sense of oppression.

Functions of European Style Doors
Interior door is a main components of completing interior design in your home. As the connecting elements among every rooms, interior door provides privacy and safety when closing. More importantly, European style doors offer an aesthetic view to the building. This is why people give more attention to interior door. Besides, interior door also gives a barrier from extra light and air. In other conditions, interior door can provide ventilation. There are some people spending lots of money on entrance door but not paying attention to interior door, which results in dulling the whole look of the house. You are able to choose European style doors to add to the charm for your home.

Design Concept of European Style Doors
1.European style design is composed of curves and asymmetrical lines, such as flower stalks, flower buds, vines, insect wings and various graceful, wavy shape patterns in nature, etc., which are reflected in the European style doors. Some of the lines are soft and elegant. Some are strong and rich in rhythm, the entire three-dimensional form are integrated with the methodical and rhythmic curves.

2.Keep the door head and interior style consistent. Geometric lines trim, bright colors, facade simple and smooth, characterized by waves, shelf gallery type pickets or decorative lines, bands, blocks and other shaped roofs, facade three-dimensional hierarchy is strong, reasonable use of color block ribbon processing. European style doors reflect the characteristics of the times. There is no excessive decoration, everything starts from the function. Pay attention to the modelling proportion is moderate. The space structure is clear and beautiful, emphasizing the appearance of bright and simple.

The Difference between European Style Doors and Flat Doors
The difference between European style doors and flat doors is the manufacturing process. European style doors will be more complex, some engraved patterns or lines, and flat doors are much simpler!

Your overall decoration style decides choosing what kind of door. If the classical or European style, it is recommended to choose European style doors. While if it is simple or more modern style, it is recommended to choose flat doors.

Holike is a designer furniture manufacturers, we provide home design furniture, home furniture china and etc. Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co Ltd will always insist on our originality to create sweet and comfortable life and make sure that all the furniture is unique. We always believe that: home, is an artwork of life.

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