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Custom Sterling silver wholesaler producing rhodium plated men's eagle round pendant

Posted By: JingYing

Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2022

Price: $3.00

Mobile: +086-18027382203

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Custom Sterling silver wholesaler producing rhodium plated men's eagle round pendant
Fashion men's necklace pendant OEM ODM made in 925 silver white gold vermeil
Norway jewelry chain store designed your own charm white gold filled silver necklace

OEM Your own jewelry, please contact us!
Tel: 086-18027382203

Norway jewelry chain store customized made 925 silver white gold vermeil eagle men's pendant necklaces
Mr. Andrew is a jewelry chain store's boss from Norway. One day he sent us the email looking for the custom OEM ODM 925 Sterling silver fashion men's jewelry with name on white gold vermeil pendant necklace manufacturer. He sent us a picture of sterling silver rhodium plated charm necklace and let us create out this same Eagle with Olive Wreath Peace Round Pendant Necklace. He was very happy after he received sample and said Eagles have always been regarded as a legendary and vigorous animal, soaring fearless and high. This handcrafted Silver Eagle Pendant illustrates a detailed and interesting piece of jewelry as it was designed and polished to perfection by in-house jewelry makers. I love showing my admiration of this sky warrior animal and accenting my style by wearing this Silver Eagle Pendant. I get many compliments when ever i wear it. I love unique pendants and just being different when it comes to style. Great value for my money.. My husband LOVES it! Very shiny, and the thickness is that it's not too thick, it's not flimsy or too thin, It's just perfect. It doesn't look cheap at all. Amazing quality piece! It's gift able.... This eagle pendant is perfect for my diamond cut rope chain and the price is very good. The size and weight is solid as the quality is very good. I would definitely recommend. This morning he sent us email and made a large order for this same white gold filled over sterling 925 silver eagle with olive wreath peace round pendant chain and required us custom design engrave his company label on them.

Men's fashion pendant necklaces made in 925 silver rhodium plated with eagle olive shape
This 925 sterling silver rhodium plated pendant necklace which depicts an bald eagle clutching an olive branch in one claw and arrows in the other, showing its preference for peace but readiness for war. This pendant features the eagle carrying a wreath made of olive branches, which shows the pacifist history of this patriotic symbol. The round pendant comes by itself or with a rope chain in your choice of 16”, 18”, 20”, or 22” long. This gorgeous solid .925 sterling silver white gold vermeil jewelry adds a touch of luxury to your look. Crafted of 100% genuine precious metal, you will fall in love with its unique styling. Make this design from our collection your signature piece, and you’ll win compliments every time you wear it. JingYing is a family-run small business with experience in jewelry going back more than 20 years. Today, our workshop is located right in the Guangzhou China; all our pieces are made by our close-knit team of resident goldsmiths. Each and every piece is designed by hand, brought to life in solid silver, and polished to perfection by our experienced group of designers and artisans. Wear our lovingly handcrafted jewelry with pride. This unique jewelry is our exclusive design, making this piece a sentimental present for husbands, dads, and grandfathers. Want to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? Need a birthday gift idea for your partner, father, son, brother, grandson, manager or mentor? This special piece is ready for giving. Or treat yourself and be dressed to impress for a date, party, wedding, holiday celebration or any event! Every piece is hand-crafted and meticulously inspected and packaged with care. If you aren’t completely happy with your purchase for any reason, please get in touch so we can make it right, right away.

Wholesale 925 silver factory provide custom OEM ODM service
Personalized jewelry may come in 925 sterling silver gold vermeil the best choice to use for their custom jewelry. All year round, silver is still hot. Thus, silver would be a great choice for your jewelry collection. JingYing(Chingying) is a professional 925 Sterling silver custom manufacturer. We are the leading manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of 925 sterling silver jewelry with or without precious or semi-precious stones like Silver Rings, Earrings, Necklace, Pendants etc. One of the best selling silver jewelry in our company is our custom wholesaler series. We have an experienced design team, can accept to sample custom, also can be customized for clients, development and design. No matter if this is a simple sketch or a full prototype, we are the Experienced and mature design team help you working on bringing it to life as a fully realized piece of jewelry. If you are looking forward to find the best silver jewelry manufacturer, please contact us. We are excellence in the field of designing, manufacturing and export of silver jewelry and other jewelry items of various categories.

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Your typical mixed breed rescue dogs and moggies are better value, will give you the same love and will probably be far healthier.

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Enhanced security for digital banking

Finally, something is to be about 2 week.

- Removal of links in emails and text from banks
- Less than $100 limit for transaction notifs to customer
- 12 Hr delay before activation of new soft token on mobile device (this would be very useful for customers to have enough time to make report)
- Notification via email/call if there is a request to change customer contact details (very good !)
- Cooling off period before making key account changes
- Dedicated teams to handle customer feedback for fraud (should have done this 100 yrs ago!)

:) :)

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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021


We applied for PR in Aug 2021.

Age: 44
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Malaysian
Gender: Female
Marital status: Married
Children: 1 son, 11 years old
Education: BA from US
Job: HR Manager
Salary: $120k pa (w/o bonus)
pass: EP
Duration in SG: 5.5 years

Age: 42
Race: White
Nationality: French
Education: Master's in Computer Science from France
Job: Head of Data
Salary: $120k pa (w/o bonus)
pass: EP

In your experience, what are our chances?

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Re: Pets are costing more

Some cats are also trading around $4k.

The market has spoken, C19 has put a price on loneliness.

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Re: EP visa application time/ visitor visa option


My visa application was submitted on 10 Jan 2021 and it was approved yesterday so it took just 9 days! I am absolutely ectastic particularly knowing how long it has taken other people to have theirs approved. I work for a large global financial company who used a local law firm to submit- I'm not sure whether this helped facilitate a quick turnaround.

A big thanks to everyone for your advice, especially to Malcontent. Pleased now that I don't have to worry about taking lots of luggage with me!

Good luck everyone with your visa applications!

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