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Radar Level Transmitter

Posted By: FEEJOY

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022

Price: $100.00

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FEEJOY is a professional Radar Level Transmitter Manufacturer. Our radar level transmitter uses radar to continuously measure non-contact liquid level, the sensor sends microwave signals to the medium from above. The surface of the medium reflects the signal back to the sensor. The radar type level sensor uses the received microwave signal to determine the distance to the product surface and calculate the height from it. This radar level transducer is an excellent substitute for differential pressure instruments, magnetostrictive, radio frequency admittance, and magnetic pirated instruments. The measurement technology of this type of radar level transmitter is usually used to measure, and it is not affected by vacuum, dust, temperature, pressure changes, steam and falling gases. As one of radar level transmitter manufacturers, we are devoted to provide high-quality products and services.
Specification of Radar Level Transmitter
The specification can according to your requirement to do:

Product Name radar level sensor
Material Sus304/316
Type Meter
Application Fuel Level Sensor
Power supply 24VDC/220VAC
Output 4~20mA
Measuring Range 70m
Accuracy 3mm
Sensor type rod
Certificate ISO9001

Advantages of Radar Level Transmitter
Today's high-frequency radars are generally radar level gauges that operate in the K-band (24-26 GHz).
The higher the radar's operating frequency, the shorter the electromagnetic wave wavelength. The easier it is to have better reflections on inclined solid surfaces The narrow beam width can effectively avoid obstacles, and the high frequency can also make the radar using a smaller antenna.
The FMCW FM continuous-wave microwave level meter transmits and receives signals at the same time, and more microwave signals are emitted at the same time.
The solid wave measurement can reduce the wave loss phenomenon in the measurement of high dust solid silo.
Therefore, the solid-state mid-and high-frequency FM radar, as a level gauge and level transmitter, can provide accurate and reliable measurements, and is also well used in media such as PP powder and PE powder in the chemical industry. However, due to technical limitations, there is currently no high-frequency radar level gauge that works above the K band.
Radar Level Transmitter Used in Some Large Solid Silos
Nowadays, what troubles users in the field of level measurement is the level measurement of some large solid silos, especially for silos that are filled with dust and disturbance within 50/100 meters. Related technical instruments such as capacitors or guided wave radar TDRs will be subjected to strong tensile loads when the material level drops during unloading, which may damage the instrument or pull down the roof of the silo.
Heavy hammers often have problems with buried hammers and require frequent maintenance, as do most other mechanical instruments. The high dust conditions may exceed the capabilities of the non contact ultrasonic level sensor measurement system. High-frequency FM radar technology is especially suitable for level measurement of this large solid silo.
As a specialized level sensor supplier, FEEJOY has more than 16 years experience in custom manufacturing redar level transmitters on customer's requirements on material, power output, accuracy, sensor type, etc.
Radar Level Transmitter FAQs
What is radar level transmitter?
Radar waves are a special form of electromagnetic waves. Radar level transmitters use the special properties of electromagnetic waves to detect level.
How to better the effect of radar level transmitter?
Feejoy is a professional industrial instrumentation supplier, we provide Pressure Transmitter, Capacitive Level Sensor, Standard Pressure Transmitter and etc. Want to know more? Contact us.

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