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Magnetic Level Gauge

Posted By: FEEJOY

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022

Price: $200.00

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FEEJOY Magnetic Level Gauge is usually used for medium level detection of various towers, tanks, spherical vessels and boilers. FEEJOY Magnetic Level Gauge is the most advanced, accurate and reliable liquid level measurement system. This magnetic type level transmitter contains a float which has a built-in magnet. The floating float rises and falls with the height of the liquid interface, and at the same time the magnet "turns over" and is installed outside the box. The silver and red indicator baffles represent air and liquid interface heights respectively.
This series of the level gauge transmitter by the magnetic level gauge manufacturer can achieve high sealing and leakage prevention. The high temperature magnetic type level gauge is suitable for high pressure and corrosion resistant working environment. The magnetic level sensor makes up for the defects of poor clarity and direct fracture of the glass plate (tube) magnetic flap level gauge, and there is no blind zone during t
Specification of Magnetic Level Gauge

Product Name sight glass diesel fuel tank level gauge
Material SUS 304 and SUS 316L
Color any of color
Medium Temp -40~130°C/200°C
Measuring Range 300-6000mm
Medium Pressure ≤5.0Mpa
Measuring Tube Material SUS304/SUS316L/PP/PVDF
Connection jacket
Transmission customized
Explosion-proof customized
Magnetic level gauge with transmitter is based on the digestion and improvement of similar products at home and abroad and is developed and produced according to the standard of the magnetic level gauge issued by the original Ministry of Chemical Industry. The magnetic type level gauge can be used for medium liquid level detector of various towers, tanks, tanks, spherical vessels, and boilers.

Features of Magnetic Level Gauge
Wide application range, various installation forms, suitable for measurement of liquid level and interface of any medium. The level gauge with transmitter is widely used in various instruments, which is same as RF type level switch.

The measured medium is completely isolated from the indicating structure, with good sealing performance, leak-proof, adaptable to liquid level measurement under high pressure, high temperature, and corrosion conditions, with high reliability.

It's a magnetic level gauge with switch for alarm control, which also integrates on-site instructions, remote transmission, and transmission, and can be adjusted freely. It has complete functions. Two-color indicators with luminous, continuous and intuitive, eye-catching, large measurement range, and observation direction can be changed arbitrarily.

Good vibration resistance can work under the condition of large fluctuation of liquid level Simple structure, convenient installation, and low maintenance cost.

With an exquisite magnetic steel corrector, the technical parameters can be adjusted at will on site.
How many level transmitter magnetic types are in FEEJOY? There are three types of it. Take a look!
Application of Magnetic Level Gauge
Magnetic level gauge instrument can be used for medium-level detection of various towers, tanks, tanks, spherical vessels and boilers. This series of the liquid level gauge can achieve high sealing, anti-leakage, and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant occasions. It makes up for the defects of poor clarity and easy breakage of the glass plate (tube) level gauge, and there is no blind area in the whole process of measurement, the display is clear and the measurement range is large.
FEEJOY Magnetic Level Gauge is popular in measuring high-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosive liquids. Among all level transmitter types, the magnetic level gauge has multiple materials for different needs. Besides, the magnetic type level indicator is accurate enough to ensure that the parameters are correct.
The material of the magnetic flap level gauge adopts 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316L, OCr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni9Ti lined with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), PVC, PP and other materials and imported components, with excellent reliability and corrosion resistance.
Magnetic Level Gauge FAQs
How is magnetic flap level gauge developed?
The magnetic flap level gauge (also called magnetic float level gauge) is developed based on the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the liquid level in the container under test rises and falls, the magnetic float in the body tube of the liquid level gauge also rises and falls.
How does magnetic level gauge work?

Feejoy is a professional industrial instrumentation manufacturer, we provide RF Admittance Level Transmitter, level measurement in industrial instrumentation, Level Transmitter, Standard Pressure Transmitter and etc. Want to know more? Contact us.

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