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High Precision CNC Parts

Posted By: hsjfabrication

Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2021

Price: $1.00

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As a professsional stainless steel fabrication factory, Shenzhen HSJ Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd. has rich experience in providing professional sheet metal fabrication products and custom metal fabrication services to customers! With up-to-date technology and high-end sheet metal fabrication machines, we dedicated to provide high-quality custom sheet metal parts.

small-volume CNC machining, custom-made CNC aluminum parts, each detail size meets customer requirements, tolerance 0.05.

Surface treatment:
any surface treatment as long as there is a color number or sample

316, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, alloy aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, copper, iron, plastic, acrylic, POM, UHWM, and other raw materials

Custom High Precision Turned Parts
In the middle of several bosses, the inner teeth of the hole are 8-32, the material is 6061 aluminum plate, and the 6061 aluminum plate has the advantages of excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics, and electroplating property, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, and processing. It is a material that is required by customers without deformation, compactness, no defects, easy polishing, easy filming, and excellent oxidation.

This is an appearance part, the surface treatment is anodized deep red, spray fine sand; in addition to anodizing, we can also do any surface treatment based on customer requirements. The surface should not be exposed, stains, scratches, and look shiny. In addition to aluminum, we can also process various types of materials. It can be processed into a square and round combination of complex structure parts. Welcome to customize your machining parts and customize various CNC parts.

What is the CNC Process for High Precision Turned Part?
CNC machining refers to a process for machining parts on CNC machine tools. The process specifications of CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools are generally consistent, but significant changes have also taken place. A machining method that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts, small batch size, complex shape, and high precision, and to achieve high efficiency and automatic processing.

How to Control the CNC Machine for High Precision Turned Part?
CNC machine tools are computer-controlled machine tools used to control machine tools. Whether they are dedicated computers or general-purpose computers, they are collectively referred to as CNC systems. The motion and auxiliary actions of the CNC machine are controlled by the commands issued by the CNC system.

The instructions of the CNC system are programmed by the programmer according to the material of the workpiece, the processing requirements, the characteristics of the machine tool, and the command format (numerical language or symbol) specified by the system. The CNC system sends operational or termination information to the servos and other functional components to control various movements of the machine according to program instructions. When the part's machining program ends, the machine will automatically stop.

For any CNC machine, if there is no program command input in its CNC system, the CNC machine will not work. The controlled actions of the machine tool generally include the starting and stopping of the machine tool; the start and stop of the spindle, the change of the direction of rotation and the speed; the direction, speed and mode of the feed motion; the selection of the tool, the compensation of the length and radius; the replacement of the tool, cooling Opening, closing, etc. of the liquid.

HSJ Fabrication has years experience in producing high precision turned parts. As one of the most reliable precision turned components manufacturers, we provide you with the high-quality precision turned components and precision CNC machined components.

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