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Mesh Bag, Cotton Net Bag, Logo Print Mesh Drawstring Bag

Posted By: sofarint

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2021

Price: $0.45

Mobile: +00923006694489

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We Sofar International are Manufacturer's & Export of all kind of Cotton Shopping Bag, Muslin Bag, Wedding Bag, Party Favor Bag, Cotton Tea Bag, Laundry Bag, Cotton Flour Bag, Canvas Tote Bag, Grocery Bag, Jute Shopping Bag & Promotional Bag since 1998.

Features of Cotton Mesh Bag, Cotton Net Drawstring Bag, Muslin Bag, Wedding Bag, Favor Bag & Cotton Pouch

3" x 4", 3”x 5”, 4" x 6", 5" x 7" 8”x 10”10" x 12" or according to requirement.
100% Cotton Fabric, Velvet, Canvas, Polyester, Mesh
Natural, White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
Single and Double Drawstring, Lace, Rope, Ribbon

MOQ 1000 pcs

Logo Printing
Customized Printing, Embroidery, Foil Stamp, Heat Transfer Sticker according to artwork.

Shipping Details
Usually we deliver our goods by DHL, UPS, FedEx etc. for the small orders, but large quantity you can also by sea and air

Sampling: Within 4 - 5 working days

Gift Pack, Promotion, Jewelry Pack, Dust bag, Shoe bag, Tote Bag, Shoe bag, Santa Bag.
Eco-friendly, Promotional, light weight, Cheap, Colorful, Recyclable.

Waiting your kind response

Thanks & Regards

Asif Nazir (G.M)
Sofar International Industry
Manufacturers of Cotton Shopping Bag, Apron, Trouser, WorkWear and Promotional Items.
Cell: 0092 300 6694489 (24 Hours Open)
WhatsApp: 0092 300 669 4489
Email: &
Skype: sofarint

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It will eventually be sold off to a collection agency. They may try to contact you in the UK.

This would make it a real nightmare, once they find you it means the problems start all over again.

Actually it helps. The collection agency just want some money. The original debt is closed off. You can negotiate with the collection agency to pay something to stop them contacting you. Your original lender (bank or CC) will blacklist you forever though and often internationally if they are a global bank like Citi or HSBC. No such as thing as a limitation on a bank listing you permanently as a debt risk.

If so many years have passed and I’d never been contacted… I would not volunteer anything: my whereabouts, my contact info… much less any money to a collection agency (at .....

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Re: Driving into Malaysia

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They run the risk until first caught. After then they cannot risk it as they will be inspected every time. I just don't do it. Not worth saving $50 for.

Seems logistically challenging. How do they know which cars have offended previously? I can understand scanning the plates but they check so quickly that I can't imagine there's time.

Auto OCR plate reading is very fast now. I have a friend who works with them. They can scam cars at high speed in a continuous stream and identify stolen cars or cars with bad numbers or blacklisted cars at over 60kph.

Wow! Seriously. I remember being impressed over a decade ago when I drove into JB for the first time and noticed the way they flashed everybody's carplate numbers on the wall.

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Re: PR Approved 2023

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Volunteering abuse I have no comments in that.

End of the day it's about getting to know the community and helping the fellow people near you.

Apart from volunteering , neighbour hood events is another way to integrate.

Yes it's not a guarantee that's the reason they will give you.

Years of volunteering as mentioned and continous contribution to the community will speak the difference.

If tomorrow going to apply, today don't go do volunteering.

Last line just about sums it up. ICA can see through disingenuous efforts in a second, there's no point faking.

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Re: PR Approved 2023

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Congratulations Hope2023! Your perseverance as quoted by many, is truly admirable and inspiring.
I have a question (open to all). I have seen everyone use the word "integrate", including ICA. What does integrate imply in real-world sense?

This is not a walk-thru of how to integrate, but just a few examples of what integrations can include that are not "tangible", as it were. As an aside, this was told to me about 10 years after I gained my PR but not something I can quote due to the nature of the origination of the comment..

Let me ask you and other interested parties with the same question. When you go to work, do you work in a mixed race/ethnic setting? Where do you live? In a primarily mixed ethnic complex? e.g., balanced ethnically like in an HDB town or in a condo that has been made into an ethnic enclave of your on kind from your own .....

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Re: PR Approved 2023

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Volinteering, help your neighbours, get to know ur community really well.
Participate frequently in Grassroot events in your neighbourhood.
This are the things I feel integrate I mean

Volunteering no longer holds the weight it used to, unfortunately.

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