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Free Ovulation Calculator, Ovulation Calendar

Posted By: Ivfjunction

Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2021

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Mobile: +07292007145

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ovulation calculator & calendar can help you determine the fertile time of your monthly menstrual cycle to maximize your chances of conceiving. Ovulation is the release of the mature ovum from the ovaries. The ovum travels to the fallopian tube and fertilizes with viable sperm. Hence timing the intercourse around the ovulation helps you utilize the “Fertile Window”, the phase of your menstrual cycle where you are the most fertile. In a regular menstrual cycle that can last 28-35 days, the menstrual phase (The bleeding phase) could be 3-7 days. The first day of the menstrual cycle is the first day of periods, and the next menstrual cycle starts on the first day of your next period. The ovulation usually happens before 12-14 days of your next menstrual cycle if your cycle lasts for 28 days and around 20-22 days if your cycle lasts 35 or more days, in the middle of the menstrual cycle if you have a regular menstrual cycle. How To use the IVF Junction Ovulation Calculator
fill the date of starting of your last period and the length of your cycle (How many days between the first day of your last period and the first day of your next period).
The calculator would calculate your ovulatory date which would be the most fertile period of your monthly menstrual cycle and an ideal time period to have sexual intercourse if you’re planning to have a baby.

Check Our Ovulation Calculator:

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Re: SIA cabin crew

Im writing here because this forum helped me a lot during my application for cabin crew and I am here to pay the kindness forward.

14/6 - applied SIA website
23/6 - video interview, due 25/6
25/7 - invite for round 2 interview @ MBS
30/7- Round 2 interview @ MBS
11/8 - medical
16/8 - golden call + start date 26/9

Some key notes/advice:
1. While waiting for the invite for round 2 interview, I chanced upon the ad for walk-in interview at MBS early July and that gave me information for which documents/application forms to prepare and additional time to prepare for my outfit/practice make up skills. So, even if you haven't gotten the invite, just start prepping early for the physical interview. Go for facial, lash extensions, manicure, shopping for formal/interview wear.
2. I was going through a break up in July and it affected my appetite and I lost some weight. If you are a girl, maybe have a diet plan or something going closer to the date cos weight is something .....

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Re: Leasing/Purchasing a car in Singapore? Let us help!

what are prices in singapore

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Re: SC applying supplementary credit card for foreigner spouse

While I was back in the US last week, Capital One sent me a new Savor card and it’s kind of a nice one, made of metal. A few months ago they also mentioned that I will start to earn 3% back on all travel purchases with the Savor card. This is the original Savor (not Savor One), and they seem to have grandfathered me into perpetual no annual fee as well (new applicants pay an annual fee after 12 months).

Although I’m kind of upset with Capital One, it’s almost like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. I might just keep the Savor and ignore their shenanigans with the other card.

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Re: Looking for advice on applying for jobs in SG as a foreigner

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:

Think her base salary is about 3.5 but usually with bonuses and overtime it works out more like four.
She only has about 10000 in CPF (became PR in early 2021 roughly).
We are only getting married in Jan so they might see it as a ‘marriage of convenience' too?

Those are the negatives anyway.

If they need nurses and don't want to lose them, does that count in her favour?
She is Malaysian Chinese (27) and child bearing age. Tho maybe that doesn't matter for LTVP.
I have a degree in UK from top 200 University and doing a masters atm. I worked in Singapore from 2017-2021. Will they have knowledge of that when considering application?
I can also speak a bit of Chinese but doubt that matters.
From what I gather, LTVPs are accepted for the most part, are they not?

Sent from my iPhone using .....

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Re: SIA cabin crew

How would anybody on this board know? Nobody here is part of the hiring process. For all anybody here knows you might not receive a call at all.

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