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ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner ( On Grid Working )

Posted By: energyheatpump

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2021

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +0086-0511-86639068

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Convenient and quick installation, no longer require a solar controller, battery, and inverter

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Overview
Cooling capacity 9000BTU/12000BTU/18000BTU/24000BTUInside building digital calculator to priority biggest using DC power, auto balance 220V city grid power. DC input range is DC50V~DC300V, so can connect max around 1500W solar PV panel Max consumption 90% solar DC power.
This solar thermal hybrid air conditioner no need battery, install take small place, so for the end user whole system running cost is very low.
When night, it can same as normal inverter air conditioner by city power 220V.

ACDC On-grid solar split air conditioner wall split type, the power from solar panel priority supply directly to indoor&outdoor fan motor and compressor. When the solar power is not sufficient, by equipped with dual PV MPPT tracking system, the system automatically switches to run by grid power, thus achieved the AC/DC power supply interaction, and uninterrupted supply power to air conditioner, ensure the system high efficiency up to SEER36, high quality with 3-5 years warranty, convenient installation, wide voltage design, free combination of solar panels.

The air conditioner directly connects solar PV panel to AC unit by MC4 solar connectors, others like normal split air conditioners.

System Advantages:
1.AC/DC dual power supply
2.Hight energy efficiency: maximum up to SEER 36; Even if there is no sunshine up to SEER 21
3. Convenient and quick installation, no longer require a solar controller, battery, and inverter
4.Using solar power priority, solar power utilization rate of more than 91%
5. Solar power/grid power supply interaction, achieve uninterrupted power supply
6.Wide voltage design, free combination of solar panels, not limited by installation place
7.Compliant to all climate condition, (T1&T3)

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning System Specification
Specification of Wall-mounted Type 
Power supply PH-V-HZ 1Ph, 220-240V~, 50/60Hz 1Ph, 220-240V~, 50/60Hz 1Ph, 220-240V~, 50/60Hz 1Ph, 220-240V~, 50/60Hz
V DC50-380V DC50-380V DC50-380V DC50-380V
Cooling Capacity                      Btu/h 9000(3500-11000) 12000(3700-14000) 18000(6200-19500) 24000(5100-26900)
Input         W 590(100-1200) 865(110-1500) 1320(140-1800) 1980(240-3030)
Rated current    A 2.68(0.45-5.45) 3.93(0.5-6.82) 6(0.6-8.18) 9(1.0-13.2)
Heating Capacity                      Btu/h 9500(3800-11500) 13000(4000-15000) 19000(4700-20000) 25000(5500-30000)
Input         W 625(120-1200) 880(130-1510) 1465(200-1900) 2050(260-3140)
Rated current    A 2.84(0.5-5.45) 4(0.59-6.86) 6.66(0.9-8.63) 9.32(1.1-13.7)
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h  559/454/366  559/454/366 721/566/458 970/780/590
Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 41.5/37.1/32.7 41.5/37.1/32.7 43.7/39.3/35.1 45/36/31.5
Indoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 850x185x290 850x185x290 957x213x302  1040×220×327
Packing   (W*D*H) mm 950x290x385 950x290x385 1035x305x380 1120x310x405
Net/Gross weight   Kg 8.2/10.4 8.2/10.4 9.5/12.5 11.9/15.2
Outdoor noise level         dB(A) <50 <50 <52 ≤56
Outdoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 835*320*540 835*320*540 835*320*540 910*340*700
Packing  (W*D*H) mm 900*400*600 900*400*600 900*400*600 1063*457*780
Net/Gross weight   Kg 33/39 35/40 39/44 56/62
Operation temp               ℃ 17℃~30℃ 17℃~30℃ 17℃~30℃ 17℃~30℃
Ambient temp (cooling/heating) ℃ 18-52/-15-34 18-52/-15-34 18-52/-15-34 18-52/-15-34
Application area             m2 12-18 16-23 24-35 32-47
Qty’per 20’ /40’ /40'HQ      87/174/211 87/174/211 83/166/202 52/104/128

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