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M2026 AR Optical Module

Posted By: goolton

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021

Price: $1,300.00

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We provide two types of optical modules with customized R&D and services.

M2026 uses Micro OLED plus array optical waveguide display, which is a side-entry module, mainly used for normal-form AR glasses.

The characteristics of M2026 optical display module are light and thin, and the weight of a single module is about 12g.

The light transmittance of the array light guide is more than 80%, which is close to the light transmittance of normal glasses. Compared with other peers using this technology, our module has a larger FOV, less distortion, and higher brightness.

Technical Specifications Of M2026 Optical Module
item Spec M2026
Field of View Diagonal FOV 26°

Display Panel Technology 0.23' OLED
Aspect ratio 16:10
Horizontal display resolution 640pixels)
Horizontal display resolution 400pixels
FPS 60Hz
Pixel Pitch 8μm
Panel dimensions 5.054×3.276mm

Eyebox&Eye Relief Eyebox 7.6x7mm
Eye Relief 22mm

Image quality Virtual imaging size 55''@3m
Contrast 100000:1
Optical distortion <2%
See-through transmission See-through transmission >80%
Weight Weight 12g
Optical module seize  seize 24.5*23.5*8.5mm

Contrast Between Oled and Lcos AR Optical Module
Micro OLED has a higher contrast ratio without a light white background. The Lcos display is similar to a screen due to its low contrast. Compared with OLED, Lcos optihas higher brightness, higher resolution, and higher power consumption and volume weight.
Goolton is a professional augmented reality companies, we provide company ar, waveguide ar glasses, ar waveguide, waveoptics, chinese ar glasses and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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