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C200S AR Glasses

Posted By: goolton

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021

Price: $1,300.00

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High-transmittance geometric waveguide display, reliable structural and performance;

The augmented reality prescription glasses are equipped with a adjustable display, friendly to people who wear glasses and compatible with helmets and goggles;

For the Industrial scene, waterproof IP66, Ex explosion-proof, 2 meters anti-drop;

HD camera, voice interaction external speaker and augmented reality prescription glass.

Technical Specifications Of C200S AR Glasses
C200S AR Glasses Description
OS Android 9.0 and above
Product Type Split, the data line is connected to the phone or processor
Weight 190g
Module display technology Array waveguide display module
Micro display specification 0.39 Sony OLED, 1024*768
Field of view and exit pupil distance 31°  25mm
Eye movement range 70" 3M
Screen brightness 500 nit
Camera chip Sony IMX386 1300W Pixel, anti-shake
Laser LED light support, red laser
Advantages Of C200S AR Glasses
High-transmittance arrayed waveguide display, reliable structure, and performance;
The Chinese AR glasses can be adjusted, and it’s friendly for people wearing glasses, compatible with helmets and goggles;
Applicable to industrial scenes such as AR warehouse picking, waterproof IP66, Ex explosion-proof and 2 meters drop-proof;
HD camera, voice interaction, and loudspeaker.

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