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Tuition & Enrichment for PSLE O Levels IGCSE | English Geography Social Studies Mathematics Additional Mathematics Chemistry Creative Writing Accounting (POA) | Experienced Teachers | MOE & IGCSE's latest syllabus and curriculum

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Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021

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Mobile: +65 89234275

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Hello parents,

I am the co-founder of Learning Sphere Education Centre situated in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (beside Beauty World MRT) and we offer programmes for PSLE, O Levels annd IGCSE.

I'm an MOE trained teacher, with a bachelor degree (Hons) in Education from NIE, and currently pursuing my Masters in Humanities Education in NIE. I am also currently a lecturer teaching Communication Studies for a tertiary institute. I specialise in English Language and the Humanities, and have sixteen years of experience teaching tuition and enrichment classes. Our centre also offers Mathematics and Sciences as well, taught by competent and dedicated teachers.

At Learning Sphere, we believe in a framework of ensuring students find joy and meaning in learning, by following a pedagogy that will equip them with life skills and competencies. We also follow the various official syllabuses and curriculums carefully as we plan our centre's curriculum.

You can find out more about us through our various platforms below -
Whatsapp: 8923 4275
Telegram: learningsphere
Address: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, B1-34, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road S588179

Drop me a message for a promo code, and contact us today for enquiry about your child's education!

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I wouldn't be surprised if more Chinese pilots start doing this...

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