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Body Composition Analyzer

Posted By: bodivis

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021

Price: $74.00

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The ultimate tools in providing fast in-depth information for truly personalized health or fitness consultations. Combined with triple medical criteria, bodivis body composition analyzers provide the most accurate analysis.

Core algorithm and high correlation with three criteria
bone measurement with DEXA 0.967
protein and fat measurement with MRI 0.983
water measurement with DLW 0.995
Precise measurement ensures the accuracy of testing results.

Professional Body Composition Analyzer Types

Bodivis Bioimpedance BMR
Body Composition Analyzer BCA-2A
BCA-2A is a reliable machine to be used in medical or health care applications. It goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water.

Bodivis Eight-Electrode Biospace
Body Composition Analyzer BCA-1A
bodivis model BCA-1A is professional for either medical use or gym&fitness center. It is in high correlation with MRI, DEXA, and Isotope Dilution Method as BCA-2A.

Bodivis BMI Full Body Testing
Body Fat Analyzer BCA-1CB
With elegant appearance, BCA-1CB is a popular choice for smart lcd digital body weight scale, fit smart electronic body fat scale business and end-users. Foldable design makes the model convenient for operation.
You can choose both of the sale with smart body fat scale app, or body fat scale without app according to your needs.

Body composition analyzer overview

Body composition is a method of breaking down the body into its core components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water. It describes your weight more accurately and provides a better glimpse into your overall health than traditional methods. The Body Analyzer is research grade body composition and health analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis and deeper look at hydration, inflammation and other vital health markers. Body composition analysis describes what the body is made of differentiating between body water, protein, minerals, and fat to provide more precise information beyond weight and BMI. What's more, body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.
If you want to know more information about body weight scale bmi, please contact us.
Why do we need analysis of body composition

The BMI method is out of date. Body mass index (BMI) is a common measure that assesses an individual's health by the ratio of weight to height. In the most basic sense, BMI may help identify groups with high health risks due to excessive fat accumulation. Although BMI has been widely used in clinical practice, BMI still has many limitations and is not an effective tool for tracking weight changes, because it is unable to determine whether the specific change is fat or muscle. Professional body composition analyzer can obtain the rusults except BMI.

This is because BMI is calculated by dividing individual weight (kg) by height: BMI=kg/m2. Using a single numerical value such as BMI to predict health or mortality may oversimplify health risks and lead to the neglect of important health factors. Focus on the percentage of body fat. For the general population, there is no consensus on what is the optimal level of body fat for health (optimal fat storage by minimizing the risk of poor health status / conditions).

Bodivis can provide you body composition machine in good price to help you with body fat analysis and maintain optimal body fat levels that are good for your health (achieving healthy optimal fat storage by minimizing the risk of poor health status / conditions).

Why is analysis of body composition important?

Most diet and fitness goals focus on weight loss or gain, overlooking that two people of the same sex and body weight may look completely different from each other because they have a different body composition. Body composition describes the amount of fat, bone, water, and muscle in the body. Measuring your body composition will tell you your own body’s unique makeup and help you identify areas to work on to improve your overall health and wellness.

Body composition analysis is a method of describing what the body is made of, differentiating between fat, protein, minerals, and body water to give you a snapshot of your health.

Methods of analysis body composition
DEXA method is the most accurate for measuring bone mass.
MRI is the most accurate for measuring fat and protein.
IDMS is the most accurate for measuring water.

BIA is our products measurement, which is accurate for measuring all the four compositions- the bone mass, the fat mass, the protein mass and the water mass. According to the electrical conductivities of different compositions are different, BIA method measures the mass of body compositions. For example, fat is a fluid substance, is a poor conductor of electricity, impedance will be high, fluid is a good conductor of electricity, imoedance will be low, impedance of muscle is relatively lower,impedance of bone is relatively higher.We also use the multi-electrode and multi-circuit method, so that the micro current can pass through the six channels of the human body to measure the bosy compositions. What's more, we apply the multi- frequencies method, bucauese low frequency current pass the human body in different way with high frequency current. Low frequencies flow through the external water and are unable to penetrate the cell wall. A higher frequency will measure the water content inside of the cell because it can penetrates the cell wall. So by using a diverse set of frequencies, we can accurately fluid inside and outside the cell separately. So our products are the most precise with triple calibration method-DEXA, MRI and IDMS.

We have various types of body composition analyzer for sale, and you can choose a high quality fit smart electronic body fat scale from our website.

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