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bodivis Smart Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale H1

Posted By: bodivis

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021

Price: $74.00

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Smart bluetooth body fat scale, bluetooth body fat scale, bluetooth body weight scale H1 is the earliest and most classical model in bodivis scale family. The inspiration of four leaves design comes from the Four Leaf Clover. The original intention of bodivis brand is to bring people health and luck. It is our immutable persistence.
You can download a bluetooth body fat scale app to monitor your body weight index.
bodivis H1 Feature

ITO Conductive Film Ensures Higher Accuracy and Hidden LED Screen
Precise measuring accuracy,give exercise recommendations based on your physical condition.

320*320mm Plus Scale Surface Preventing Rolling Over
Record your historical body index data, maintain your healthy lifestyle. Meet bodivis, Embrace Happiness.

Intelligent Connection With Your Smartphone, Sensitively Measuring Your Body Indexes.
According to your body measurement data, bodivis will provide you dietary advice, customize your recipes and intelligently analyze your calorie intake.

bodivis H1 Testimonials

Aaron W. Kosikowski
I loved it ! This was so easy to set up! I just started using it today but to see all the results is amazing! There is so much I can learn from the results and continue growing in my health journey!

If you have questions on bluetooth body fat scale smart bmi scale digital bathroom wireless wei, please check it on our website.

Now the body composition analyzer price is affordable, you can choose a fit smart body fat scale as your preference.

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