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Wall To Wall Carpets

Posted By: homedecrugs

Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +0086-513-51012999

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Wall to wall carpets, also known as the "broadloom carpets", is a carpet type that coves a full range of given floor surfaces.

Same as the marble, when wall to wall carpet illustrates no joints on a huge floor, a unique sensation is visualized into the whole space, which, in the meanwhile, perfectly integrates with your furniture and decoration. However, refined wall-to-wall carpets by Homedec, a professional wall to wall carpet manufacturers, supplying high end carpets, can provide you with something marble can’t-warm and inviting feelings. This is the reason why sculpted wall-to-wall rug carpets are frequently applied in a luxury hotel corridor, offices, lobby, airport, theater, and library. Besides many outdoor and indoor commercial areas, wall to wall carpet flooring tiles is also frequently used for home, decorating kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and dining room. Different sizes 5x8, 5x6, 6x9 available for wall to wall carpets.

Variety in high quality and eco friendly wall-to-wall carpet proves its advantage. You can choose various type of both residential and commercial broadloom carpets, which differs in fiber, way of construction, pile height and pile weight for different use. Therefore, when you select and buy the ideal broadloom carpet, you can always find a type of our wall-to-wall carpet for sale, the price, cost, and quality of which quite fit your project.

In the meanwhile, to ensure your competitiveness of the project, we offer various customization including designs, based cloth, and quality. Some available wall to wall carpet designs: diamond patterned, cheetah or leopard printed, plaid patterned, herringbone or geometric looked, seagrass textured, oriental floral flat weaved, etc. In terms of based cloth, we have shag for high quality shag rug, synthetic sisal, organic bamboo, jute, plush, nylon, and wool for the making of wall to wall carpets, all non toxic with affordable prices. Besides, our wall to wall carpets boasts of their unique styles, ranging from mid century to modern contemporary. Some are fancy striped, some luxury sculpted, some vintage printed, others may show a kind of victorian style.

Wall to wall carpet has a long history of over 250 years. From children crawling on the carpet and beginning their lives, many people have been attached to carpets for generations. The reason is obvious--No such floor material can protect your family and gust in all aspects like wall-to-wall carpets. Imagine the rest assured feelings you will have, seeing your children enjoying their own little games on the soft floor.

From the yarn to glue, every raw material of our wall to wall carpets, rugs and custom carpet tiles is carefully selected. (Glue supplier: Dow Chemical Company, Yarn Supplier: Sitong&DuPont). Homedec's wall-to-wall carpets undergo various international tests including TOVC EMISSION, FIREPROOF, and Quality. At the same time, with our newest wasted color paste recycling technology, every process of our production is 100% green resulting in 0 pollution emissions.

Homedec's HD INK&CHROMOJET machines ensure the freedom of your commercial designs. 300DPI HD INK machines have the capacity to print infinite colors and sophisticated patterns in wall to wall carpets. Available colors: beige, gold, orange, navy blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, black and white, etc. In the meanwhile, when carpets with natural fiber only have 1-2 colors, the purity and permeability of each color become significant-which is the merit of the CHROMOJET machine.


When carpets illustrate no joints on a huge floor, a unique sensation are visualized into the whole space, which, in the meanwhile, perfectly integrates with your furniture and decoration.


As a designer, architect, or contractor, you surely have realized the significance of designing floor space. Here, in Homedec Carpet, you will have infinite possibilities for your carpet designs. Experienced design team of over 20 people will provide the best solutions in pattern designs,layout&production plans, and color adjustment, which ensures the cost and perfection of your project.

Experienced Layout & Production Designer

You surly understand the wastage area will be the trouble for your cost. Every carpet printing machine has a width limitation--4 meters for us. It means if your want to do wall-to-wall carpets of 2m(width)*15m for a corridor, then the actual charge area would be 4*15= 60㎡(Simple Situation). However, with our sophisticated solution of layout&production plan for commercial projects, we will ensure you have less wastage area and cost. In the meanwhile, we offer the customization of the size of based cloth including 3.66m,3.2m...We guarantee you will always find the best solution in Homedec.

Efficient design capacity

With our strong design team, we guarantee your design will be finished within 24-48 hours. In the meanwhile, an exclusive&professional designer will be assigned to you for the high-efficiency of your commercial project.

Custom Made Carpet




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Homedec Carpet is a professional carpet manufacturing companies. We provide wall to wall bathroom carpet 6x9, synthetic sisal carpet wall to wall, diamond pattern wall to wall carpet, organic wall to wall carpet, bamboo wall to wall carpet, carpets and rugs for sale and etc. Want to know wool wall to wall carpet prices or more? Please contact us.

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