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Molded Pulp Packaging Products

Posted By: zhibeneco

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021

Price: $100.00

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Zhiben provides different kinds of high-quality and eco-friendly disposable & biodegradable pulp packaging products including lids, cups, trays, plates, bowls, gift boxes, etc., which are widely used in the field of bakery & coffee, catering and gifts. We use environmentally friendly plant fibers as raw materials, which make Zhiben's products safe and hygienic. Zhiben also provides different types of eco-friendly packaging products and total eco friendly packaging solutions including product definition, creation, exterior design, structure, graphic design, packaging, and user experience.

Our eco-friendly molded paper pulp packaging products have good plasticity, which can be molded into various shapes. This kind of paper molded products with eco-friendly packaging is waterproof, oil-proof, quakeproof, and anti-static. A textured surface enhances the beauty of our products. Moreover, the negative-angle buckle integral molding process developed by Zhiben has also solved the leaking problem of many other packaging products.

Zhiben environmentally sustainable packaging product is your best choice to replace plastic packaging products.

Types Of Eco Friendly Moulded Pulp Products
Eco Friendly Cup Lid
Eco Friendly Cup Lid
Using bagasse and bamboo plant fibers as the raw materials, Zhiben pulp molded cup lids are biodegradable, compostable, and environmentally-friendly. These eco-friendly plant fiber paper pulp cup lids can be used for coffee cups, cups of hot & cold drinks, party cups, etc.
Dome Lid
Sip Lid
Coffee Lid
Hot Lid
Cold Lid
Brown Lid
White Lid
80mm Lid
90mm Lid
Moulded Paper Pulp Lid
Eco Friendly Cup
Eco Friendly Cup
The disposable paper pulp cups Zhiben made are all biodegradable, compostable, and eco friendly. They can be biodegraded naturally in 90 days. As for the materials of these cups, they are generally made of molded plant fibers such as sugarcane, bagasse, and bamboo fiber. Moreover, the weight-bearing property of paper pulp cups is also pretty good due to their strong cup walls.
Hot Cup
Cold Cup
Coffee Cup
Party Cup
Moulded Paper Pulp Cup
Eco Friendly Plate
Eco Friendly Plate
The eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable plate Zhiben produces is one kind of disposable paper pulp products made of molded plant fibers. It can be biodegraded naturally in 90 days. Advanced production technology and mold design.
Square/Rectangular Plate
Round Plate
Oval Plate
Catering Plate
Party Plate
Bakery Plate
Hotel Plate
Moulded Paper Pulp Plate
Eco Friendly Gift Box
Eco Friendly Gift Box
Zhiben eco-friendly biodegradable & compostable gift box is exquisite and unique. The beautiful lines and smooth arcs show us the perfect combination of oriental aesthetics and environmental protection themes, which makes the recipients fully aware of this hearty intention.
Food Box
Tea Box
Round Box
Rectangular Box
White Box
Red Box
Blue Box
Moulded Paper Pulp Gift Box
Eco Friendly Container
Eco Friendly Container
Similar to other eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging, Zhiben eco-friendly plant fiber containers are also highly biodegradable and compostable. As a professional biodegradable packaging manufacturer, Zhiben provides you with containers in different shapes, including bowls, boxes, and trays.
Eco Friendly Bowl
Clamshell/Take-out Box
Eco Friendly Tray
Square/Rectangular Container
Round Container
Moulded Paper Pulp Container
Pulp Box for Electronics
Pulp Box for Electronics
With the progress and development of human science and technology, 3C product packaging is in great demand in the market. In view of this market, Zhiben Group uses environmentally degradable and ecological recycling plant fiber materials in packaging design´╝îmaking innovative attempts to solve the survival crisis of living things on the earth.
Mobile Phone Tray
Benefits Of Using Eco Friendly Pulp Moulded Products
With rapid economic development, environmental pollution is getting worse, especially the plastic pollution problem. To prevent the current situation from escalating, we need to do something for the earth that we live on.

Using environmental-friendly pulp moulded products is one of the best ways to protect our earth and reduce pollution. Eco-friendly plant fiber packaging products are the perfect replacement for plastic packaging items. The use of compostable product packaging won't harm the environment as plastic products do.

Paper Molded Products Process

The production process of paper molded products includes pulping, molding, drying, shaping, trimming and packing. Pulping is the first and most important in the whole process. During pulping, cooking, screening and washing are necessary procedures. In addition to waste paper, bamboo, wood, bagasse and cotton are ideal raw materials for pulping.

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