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Posted By: cicecool

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021

Price: $1,200.00

Mobile: +057182825566

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Hangzhou Cloud Ice Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd, is a professional commercial refrigeration supplier with its headquarter and factory fully operated in Hangzhou. We have global experience and abundant knowledge. Our expertise lies in the field of kitchen commercial fridge and freezer systems, bakery showcases, ice makers, custom-made products, and so on.

What Is A Commercial Reach In Refrigerator
Reach in refrigerators and freezers are used in a variety of industries, mainly including the catering industry, to display food and beverage products for sale, or to store prepared food in the kitchen. Commercial reach in coolers and freezers can be designed and customized in all sizes and functionality, which depends on your business needs and specific usages.

BESTTOP provides high quality small commercial refrigerator for sale, commercial bar fridge for sale and industrial refrigerator for sale. Customers can choose the suitable commercial grade refrigerator and commercial stainless steel commercial refrigerator to fit your kitchen’s needs.

BESTTOP Reach In Refrigerator List
Reach In Chiller
BESTTOP's range of Reach-in Chillers and Freezers are designed specially for commercial kitchen needs. They are the most convenient way of preserving food. The upright cabinet ensures easy storage...

Restaurant Reach In Refrigerator
The BESTTOP vertical air-cooled freezer changes the single design of the traditional freezer. It adopts a unique shape design and 304 food-grade stainless steel material to provide food safety.Double-...

Two Door Display Refrigerator
BESTTOP Two Door Display Refrigerator provides any market, kitchen or restaurant a product designed to provide years of trouble-free service in demanding commercial applications. This glass door refri...

3 Door Chiller
1) Brand compressor; 2) Competitive price;3) Efficiency and energy saving;4) Adjustable and easy to install and operate;5) Products are with CE, and CCC certificate;6) Popular in restaurant, KTV, hote...

Upright Chiller
The 4-door stainless steel refrigerator, selected 304 food grade stainless steel, environmentally friendly refrigerant, provides a perfect refrigeration solution for commercial kitchens.

Commercial Upright Refrigerator
BESTTOP’s solid door upright refrigerators are designed with enduring quality that protects your long term investment. Designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user ...

Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator
Hollow glass door, good thermal insulation performance, low energy consumption.

Solid Door Reach In Refrigerator
Solid door commercial reach in cooler, you can choose the whole door or two small doors up and down.

Bun Pan Refrigerator
Roll in refrigerator, high performance to meet all food service requirements.

Double Door Commercial Refrigerator
The new upgrade uses 304 stainless steel food grade material, which is more secure for storing food materials, and can also prevent liquid leakage from corroding the pipeline. It has durability, fast ...

GN 2/1 Pan Reach In Refrigerator
BESTTOP GN reach-in refrigerator, different sizes and volumes are available.

Single Door Reach In Refrigerator
single door reach in refrigerator Use in a small space, and the amount of food to be stored is not large.

2 Door Reach In Refrigerator
Double door reach in refrigerator automatic defrost and evaporation of defrosting water.

3 Door Reach In Refrigerator
3 door reach in refrigerator The largest volume, the volume can reach more than 1500L.

Commercial Display Refrigerator
The BESTTOP Glass Door Refrigerator is full of great features. It has swinging doors and adjustable shelves for great interior cubic footage. Stainless steel construction ensures that your kitchen loo...

3 Door Reach In Chiller
BESTTOP solid door commercial refrigerator provides any market, kitchen or restaurant a product designed to provide years of trouble-free service in demanding commercial applications. This solid door ...

Reach In Coolers And Commercial Style Refrigerator
The commercial grade refrigerator is often used in restaurants, bars, covenience stores, or church kitchens. Pay attention to buying the small reach in cooler and commercial style refrigerator that best matches your expected space.

For example, in dusty workplaces, such as bakeries and pizzeria, flour may fall on the floor, and it is preferred that refrigerators should be installed at the top. The refrigerator installed at the bottom is preferred in the hot kitchen (above 75 °) because the heat will reach the top of the space, and it takes more energy to keep it cold if the refrigerator is installed at the top. BESTTOP also has a number of refrigerators and refrigeration accessories, including standard and digital industrial refrigerator thermometers, which will alert you when the internal ambient temperature reaches a level that is unsafe for food service products.

Glass VS Solid Door Reach In Refrigerator
When you buy a industrial or commercial grade refrigerator, you need to consider the following factors: do you often open the door? Will it be seen clearly by customers?

How long do you want to spend cleaning the refrigerator? According to the above problems, three main factors that should be considered in the selection of industrial or commercial style refrigerator are summarized as follows.

Insulation and Cooling.
Solid doors are more insulating than glass doors, and there is a general rule in the catering industry that raw food is stored in solid-door refrigerators to keep them fresh; solid-door refrigerators are also more energy-efficient than glass-door refrigerators.

Cleaning Needs.
Glass door refrigerator, glass door may have stains, once contaminated will be very obvious. Compared with stainless steel commercial refrigerator, users need to clean more regularly. The solid door design gives its appearance a durable stainless steel design that does not show obvious stains like glass doors.

Visibility Benefits.
The glass door refrigerator makes it easy to see what's inside, which helps you keep a close eye on your inventory without having to open what's in the fridge. However, if you don't want your customers to see what's in your fridge, you may want to hide anything that might look ugly.

Advantages of Reach In Refrigerator
-The interior and exterior is made of high quality 201 stainless steel material for best
stainless steel commercial refrigerator.
-Environmental protection low foam insulating layer foaming
-With round interior corners for easy cleaning
-Adjustable shelf, food-grade material, no pollution, safe and healthy, long service life
-self-closing doors with lock and magnetic balloon gaskets
-Heavy-duty adjustable SS legs or castors with brake
-forced air refrigeration for easy servicing and maintenance
-Automatic defrost and evaporation of defrosting water
-digital controller with temperature display, compatible with a wide range of temperature

How to clean commercial stainless refrigerator
Commercial stainless refrigerator is a necessary appliance for us to store and refrigerate food. It can slow down the rate of our food spoilage. In the summer, we can hardly close it, and use it all the time. This makes a problem, and commercial stainless refrigerator is more likely to produce some stains and bacteria. If it does not have good maintenance, it will shorten the service life. So we must clean well for commercial stainless refrigerator.

For the cleaning and maintenance of commercial stainless refrigerator, we should organize the food inside the cabinet once a week, once a month the cabinet for a big cleaning and eradicate the internal frost, which can not only reduce the cabinet food is stained pollution and more extended commercial stainless refrigerator. Because once we do not clean up, it inside will produce some bacteria contamination inside the food, because the commercial stainless refrigerator is no way to sterilize, only inhibit the growth of bacteria, so we still need to be timely sterilization process.

For example, the door seal of the commercial stainless refrigerator is easy to hide bacteria, we use alcohol-soaked dry cloth wipe or a certain amount of help, you can also use laundry detergent wipe after washing good can take some talcum powder coated, so as not to occur seal adhesion. Of course, the interior of the commercial stainless refrigerator can not use washing powder cleaning force, the cabinet then need to use neutral detergent and water gently wipe, and then wash with water, boiling water and decontamination powder stone powder alkaline detergent, etc. do not use to clean the commercial stainless refrigerator, odor, then available 3% concentration of baking soda scrub once. When cleaning the commercial stainless refrigerator also remember to clean before power off and unplug, cleaning to dry, and so completely dry cabinet before closing the door, which is very important.

In addition to the interior of the commercial stainless refrigerator, outside the cabinet cleaning is also to be carried out, the condenser and compressor above if stained with dust and cobwebs to clean up with a messy brush, can not be washed with water, because it will reduce the insulation of the electrical appliances, clean good not immediately after the restart, you need to rest for a few hours and then start the machine.

Advantages of Reach In Refrigerator
Use high quality 201 stainless steel material interior and exterior
Environmental protection low foam insulating layer foaming
With round interior corners for easy cleaning
Adjustable shelf, food-grade material, no pollution, safe and healthy, long service life
self-closing doors with lock and magnetic balloon gaskets
Heavy-duty adjustable SS legs or castors with brake
forced air refrigeration for easy servicing and maintenance
Automatic defrost and evaporation of defrosting water
digital controller with temperature display, compatible with a wide range of temperature

If you want to know reach in refrigerator price, please contact us.

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