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Business Development in Singapore

Posted By: mcashley

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008

Remuneration: Best Offer

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Fortune Global 500 list of 'World's Largest Corporations' and ranks amongst the world's Top 200 companies in terms of profits. Amongst the 25 fastest climbers ranked by Fortune. Featured in the Forbes Global list of world's 400 best big companies and in FT Global 500 list of world's largest companies. This multi billion dollar MNC specializing in Solar Energy urgently requires:
1) Business Development Manager/Director (Head)
2) Business Development Consultants (Sales/Marketing)
Job specifications:
There are 2 roles in Business Development for Asia Pacific region
Role 1) Minimum 8-10 years (1 position)
Role 2) Minimum 2-5 years (5 positions)

Work location: Singapore

Duties, responsibilities:
Business Development for solar initiative in Asia Pacific region
Minimum Polytechnic degree. Preferred Bachelor's degree in Engineering from an accredited institution or equivalent.

Special requirements:
Preferably with solar industry experience. Business Development/Sales personnel from solar or energy companies in Singapore or the Asia Pacific Region

Professionals or Executives who have either knowledge, expertise or experience in the Singapore or Asia Pacific SOLAR, ENERGY, power or related markets.

Excellent remuneration plus incentives, allowances, bonuses & other fringe benefits. Salary will commensurate with experience and parameters will be provided upon initial information interview. Relocation will be considered.

Company’s Background & Activities
The Company is progressively emerging as one of the leading generator of solar energy and a key driver of the global solar business. They strongly intend to be part of this global story. Plans are highly ambitious and would require specialists from across the world that has proven experience and skills in this domain. Employer’s Solar Energy Initiative: The Company believes that the solar energy initiative presents to it a transformational opportunity to address global energy demands. The initiative has the potential to generate phenomenal value to all involved. Features of solar generated power that make it fundamentally better suited to address global energy needs: Solar energy generating systems use sand, the second most abundant substance on earth’s crust after air. The source, Sun, emits unlimited energy, has the ability to meet all needs if effectively harnessed. Power generation is decentralized. Hence it is best suited to meet the needs of underprivileged areas globally which enjoy poor connectivity to grids (a large part of which are spread in the sunny belt globally) provided that cost targets are met. The industry has seen steadily reducing product costs over the last ten years promising greater affordability in the future. Employer’s Plan: The employer intends to have a substantial entrance into solar energy with the following strategic intent: Be a fully integrated player. Harness economies of scale by setting up global scale manufacturing and operations in the next five years. Focus on Asia based manufacturing to drive down costs. Invest in technology, both mainstream and alternative ones to deliver value. Develop the energy market. Poor T & D infrastructure today is similar to landline connectivity situation in 2001 that lead to the telecom opportunity. Aim to achieve “grid parity” through reduction in costs to open up an infinite market globally. Employer’s Initiatives Upstream: The solar upstream business consists of polysilicon manufacturing and solar ingot growth. The production of ultra pure silicon (less than 1 ppm impurity) or polysilicon from quartz or metallurgical grade silicon is essentially a chemical process. Employer’s vast experience in the chemical industry, especially in fluidized bed reactors and handling of hazardous/ pyroforic chemicals would assist the employer in entering the industry. To set up a global scale polysilicon manufacturing plant and ingot growth facility in Asia in the next five years. Midstream: Plans to set up a world scale silicon wafering, cell and solar panel facility in Asia as a part of its midstream initiative. They would aim to establish technological leadership in this segment of the value chain. They would also have option play in terms of technology through parallel investments in thin film, concentric solar cells and other emerging technologies. Will adopt both organic and inorganic means of achieving these.

Yours truly,

Marc Surin, MBA
Executive Search Manager
Head Hunting Division
Mc Ashley Singapore
(Since 1986)

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Re: Is Singapore ‘home’ for you?

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born in broward general but i think my family moved to bal harbor a few years later before landing in singapore when i was 8.

started singapore school in pri 2. attended 10 years of local schooling before leaving. only to return to complete ns before leaving again.

my singapore id has been picked on for being a different color or having non “singapore” text to having a long name to speaking funny to not knowing hdb dwelling norms to often being asked if i am PR (or hearing “ but are you SING AH BO RIAN????”).

i have since experienced living in hdb flat fora while and now have my own singaporean passport and use it for travel very very often, but even inside, the place of birth column reminds me i might not truly ever be considered singaporean by other singaporeans.

i’ve led a nomadic existence and although this country doesn’t really feel like home… it may be the closest thing to one for me…

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Hello Community Members

kindly assess my profile and let me know the chances of getting PR.

Living in Singapore since 2008. Last PR rejected on 2020. Re-applied on April 2022 and still pending status for now.

Nationally - Myanmar
Visa - EP, Working as IT Network Engineer
Salary - 120K SGD p.a without bonus
Total work experience : 15 years overall
Family members - wife working (50K p.a and 1 kid (6mths))

My child was born in Singapore last year Oct and holding DP now. Recently got promoted as IT Network Manager with around 20% increasement. Do i need to update to ICA for recent increasement. Thank you for all advise.

Always update ICA. The salary increase, birth of your child, and repeated application are all factors in your favor. Hope things work out better for you this time.

Thank you so much for advise.

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Re: Is Singapore ‘home’ for you?

I think the best test to check if any place is your home, is when you are in trouble, where do you run? If you stay in Singapore, then Singapore is your home. If you run back to your home country on the 1st signs of trouble, then Singapore is not your home.

By trouble, it could mean anything. Few years back my wife was not feeling well, she had some gastrointestinal issues and no matter how much we tried the doctors here were incompetent. Since we have no relatives here, the default instinct for my wife was to run to India whenever there were bouts of these issues. Eventually we did a full check up in our home town in India for a fraction of the cost and the doctors diagonised as IBS. They gave her some antibiotics and she was fine in no time.

Another example of trouble was when I had problems with my workplace. My default preparation has been to earn enough money to be able to go back and retire in India.

I think there are enough PRs here who lost their jobs and their default 1st .....

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Re: Is Singapore ‘home’ for you?

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❰❰ Quote:
I have now lived longer in Singapore than in my 'home' country. Singapore started feeling like home after just a few years for me. I really started noticing this when, after a trip back 'hone', the plane would touch down in Changi and I'd feel this sense of coming home. Will I ever really 'fit in' here? Probably not. But it still feels like home to me.

Something truly comforting about landing and hearing "to my fellow singaporean's, welcome home" over the PA.

I feel the same way. Every single time I’ve heard that spoken (only on SQ) it was always “to all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore, a warm welcome home” — and I have always kept my ears perked for the “all residents” part which has applied to me for almost 3 decades now. I appreciate that small gesture of inclusivity… especially in the recent era of more and .....

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Re: What does permanent relocation to Singapore look like?

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This is my first post so please bear with me.

I am a Canadian citizen who is in the middle of a career change. The two choices are between a decent position in Canada vs. a more exciting position in Singapore (much higher salary). I expect both of these moves to be permanent.

For instance, one of my primary concerns right now is how our parents can move to live with us after they retire.

While I am confident that we will be able to obtain PR and possibly citizenship (but I'm not sure I want to give up my Canadian citizenship), I do not see a straightforward way to obtain means for our parents to live with us post retirement.

before reading anything except your first post:

you are asian. not there for many generations. you’re not stupid.

you think the world of your citizenship. you want the best bites of everything.

thus, do not go to singapore. try someplace else. you will never be truly happy in .....

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