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HF Industrial Belt Welders

Posted By: hfweld

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021

Price: $500,000.00

Mobile: +2472698866

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Our HF welding PVC machines are extensively applied in manufacturing automobile interior trims and inflatable products, welding PVC, drying timber and insulation paperboard, etc.

The scope ans application of high-frequency welding machine in Liaoning Yufei company for treadmill and conveyor belt, treadmill belt, side wall, profile and conveyor belt welding machine. There are some features of hf welder as follows. The first is that conveyor belt making machine is specialized for connecting treadmill belt welding machine, conveyor belt. Besides, hf in Liaoning Yufei hf welder firmly welding, be well suitable for different thickness materials such as PVC, PU, PET or many other plastic products. The last features are machine groove deep and wide, which is the benefit to be convenient in continuous welding.

Industrial belt with skirt welding machine: this machine is applicable to PVC/PU industrial belt plate, conveyor belt, running belt, etc. Double - head machine can be used to improve machine productivity, saving machine space; It is easy to operate with the adjustable cylinder. The machine has a more humanized electrical safety protection device, which can greatly protect the operation safety of operators.

European square high-frequency oscillator box, which is more powerful and more stable. The high sensitivity spark controller is used to effectively prevent the damage of the mold. The machine is certified by CE and exported to dozens of countries on six continents.

HF Industries Belt Welders Application:
the machine is suitable for PVC/PU industrial belt, the conveyor belt, baffle plate, strip feeder with running belt welding etc.

features: Double heads are designed to improve the production efficiency, saved many areas that the equipment occupied and driven by the adjustable air cylinder. The machine operation is easy and convenient. The machine adopts a more humanized safety protection device, which can greatly improve safety. European model squareness high-frequency vibration box enables the output to be larger and more stable. The high-sensitive spark proof controller can effectively prevent the damage of workpieces and molds.

HF Industrial Belt Welders For Sale

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