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Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

Posted By: zwabearings

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021

Price: $200.00

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Cylindrical roller thrust bearings consist of rollers, cage components, shaft ring and housing ring. Those components are separable which makes the washing, assembling,disassembling, inspection and maintenance convenient and efficient. They only bear axial loads in one direction and slight shock loads but don’t bear double direction loads or radial loads. Meanwhile, cylindrical roller thrust bearings don’t have the ability of self-aligning .Compared with thrust ball bearings with the same dimensions, the load capacity of cylindrical roller thrust bearing is much higher but the limiting speed is lower. Therefore, they are suitable for low speed applications. In one direction, cylindrical roller thrust bearings can limit the axial displacement. In general, cylindrical roller thrust bearings can match with other types as a bearing group which can easily bear high capacity loads and vibration loads.

ZWA’s cylindrical roller thrust bearings usually with machined solid cages. But depending on the customers’ different requirements, other cages are also available. ZWA’s cylindrical roller thrust bearings are mainly applied in minging equipment like cone crushers. Those bearings have helped the customers reduce the cost, increase productivity, prolong the service life of the equipment, and keep sustainability.

Features of cylindrical roller thrust bearings

Bear high one-direction axial loads

Lower rotating speed


Application of cylindrical roller thrust bearings

Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are most suitable for that equipment which only bear one-direction load with lower rotating speed, like the hook of a crane, water pump, vertical centrifuges, lower-speed reducers, heavy machine tools, large power gearbox for ships, oil rigs, vertical machines, etc

Due to the feature of separable parts, they are also suitable for that equipment like a cone crusher which works in very harsh conditions. It’s easier and fast to assemble, disassemble, inspect or maintain the bearings.

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