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High Quality Ball Bearings

Posted By: zwabearings

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021

Price: $200.00

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Ball bearings are a part of rolling bearings. As a professional ball bearing factory and one of the national ball bearing company in China, ZWA has its own ball bearing factory and the business covers home and abroad. Compared with roller bearings, ball bearings are point contact which makes the obstruction is small, and the contact section is oval. Ball bearings are composed of an inner ring, outer ring, cage or retainer, and balls. The balls are mounted between the inner ring and outer ring. This kind of bearings allows for smooth, high-speed motion, reduced friction, and both axial & radial load capacity. The main function of ball bearings is to confirm the relative position of two parts ( usually shaft and housing), make them rotate freely, and transmit the loads in between. Especially in those high rotating speed conditions, the function can be expanded to free rotating without abrasion.

Ball Bearings Different Types
Ball Bearings and Their Uses
In general, ZWA's steel ball bearings for sale use chrome steel and cage can be steel one or brass one. The balls are usually steeled ones, too. ZWA's ball bearings include deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and thrust ball bearings with multiple bearing rows. Leam more about our ball bearings of different diameters with diferent numbers.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Deep groove ball bearings are the typical rolling bearings which have the most widely application. It’s suitable for those working conditions with higher rotating speed, lower noise and vibrating levels. Meanwhile, this kind of bearings is easy to mount or dismount, require for less maintenance and inspection.
With deep groove ball bearing factory, ZWA' s products include single row and double row ones. For the single row deep groove ball bearings which are also the most widely used type, ZWA offer it with both capped and open. For the capped ones, it includes anti-rust design and anti-oil design. For the anti-dust design, the bearings are with pressed steel cap. And for the anti-oil design, the bearings are with seals to prevent lubrication leaking from inside.For the double row deep groove ball bearings, while there is deviation of alignment between the inner ring and outer ring, extra load will occur which will cause extra loads to the balls and cages. In this case, the service life of the bearing will reduced. Therefore, the max allowable deviation is only 2 arc minute. Any bigger deviation will increase the noise level.
In the past years, ZWA has offered hundreds pieces of deep groove ball bearings, especially single-row ones to the customers. With higher precision and excellent performance of the bearings, ZWA has favored the customers to reduce the cost, increase the productivity and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Angular contact ball bearings, also known as acbb bearing, are a kind of inseparable bearings, the side shoulders of the inner ring and outer ring are uneven. In order to increase the load capacity, one of the side shoulders will be lower than the other. This kind of bearings has raceways both on the inner ring and outer ring. The inner ring and outer ring can make a relative replacement in the axial direction. Angular contact ball bearings can bear combined radial and axial loads and also work at a higher rotating speed. In general, the bigger the contact angle, the higher the axial load capacity is. ZWA’s angular contact ball bearings usually with a brass cage.

Thrust Ball Bearings
Thrust ball bearings is one of the rotary ball bearings. It owns the same features of other ball bearings, i.e permitting rotation among the parts. Depending on different load capacity, ZWA’s thrust ball bearings include single direction and double direction ones. For the one direction thrust ball bearing, it consist of a shaft ring, a housing ring , cage and balls. It can bear one direction axial load. For double direction thrust ball bearings, it consist of one shaft ring, two housing rings, two-row balls and cage. Those two housing rings and cage components of double direction thrust ball bearing are almost the same to those of single direction thrust ball bearings. It can bear axial loads in two directions. The shaft ring match with the shaft and the mounting surface of housing ring is a kind of spherical bearing which owns the aligning function. Those function can reduce the affect error in mounting. The cages of ZWA’s thrust ball bearings are usually pressed steel and machined brass ones and in ZWA, the thrust ball bearings are usually served in pairs. If you are looking for a special bearing design for your equipment, please keep in mind that ZWA’s engineering team are at your service.

ZWA is a professional national ball bearing company, we provide bearing types and numbering system, ball bearing dealers and etc. Want to know ball bearing size chart pdf or more? Please contact us.

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