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Posted By: trafficsolution

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021

Price: $10,000.00

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Many times there is a need to manage vehicle flow through traffic lights, but in some streets that turn out to be narrow, the vehicle lanes can be 1 or 2, a clear example is the historical centers of many cities. In those cases, the installation of the structure of a conventional traffic light would hinder the sidewalk due to the need for a robust base, in addition to running the risk of being impacted by some high-rise vehicle due to the size of the visors.

Sinowatcher created a solution for this problem and it is the Mini traffic lights. These perform the same function of changing lights as a conventional one, but with its compact and hermetic design, it allows to save space at the time of installation since, being lighter, they require less structure and, being small, avoid the impact of vehicles (see high-rise buses).

Mini traffic lights can also do the same job in other places where lack of space is a problem, such as an entrance to a parking lot or a toll booth. They have a degree of protection against water and dust and also low power consumption from the grid.

Mini Traffic Light FAQS
What kind of certificates do you have ?                
Yes, IEC60598-2-3

Where is the application ?                
Wide range applications like guidance signboard for different proposes, parking entrance exit, toll station, Auxiliary signal, etc.

How many hours for the lifespan ?                
More than 80000 hrs

How many years for the warranty ?                
3 years

What kind of working voltage ?                
DC12/24 or AC85-265V

Buy From Sinowatcher
Sinowatcher is dedicated to save energy worldwide and thus save costs by offering a series of energy-saving and efficient LED traffic lights and road saftety products with first-rate quality yet affordable prices. On daily basis we strive to provide high quality products and professional pre- and after sales services for our clients.

Sinowatcher Technology Co., Ltd is a professional top led lights manufacturers in china, we provide smart traffic lights, traffic light miniature, miniature stop light, mini stop light, miniature traffic light, small traffic light, mini traffic light, traffic light and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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Hello everyone
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