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11x14 Certificate Framework

Posted By: diplomacoversource

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021

Price: $5.00

Mobile: +86 0571-86689571

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The 11x14 certificate framework of the tassel
High quality and elegant tassel
The finely made etching frame adopts high-quality patterns and molds to reflect our commitment to the process. It is a high-quality product on the market at a good price.
It can be used to display perfectly all your school documents, certificate diplomas, award-winning certificates, high school and university degrees and daily life photos. The quality is guaranteed and the material is high-end. It's ideally suitable for your home or office.
The anti-glare organic glass is used in some styles. Highly reflective surfaces can act as mirrors to prevent glare and scatter the images and effects you want to display.
The frames are all high-quality products. Each product will be carefully checked before leaving the factory, ensuring that each product is of excellent quality and the order can be easily assembled.

11x14 Solid wood certificate framework
They are Seiko works, made of high-quality wood, ensuring that the frame is made of high-quality solid wood, which is environmentally friendly and practical.
The photo frame is made of full solid wood, thickened and widened, with specifications of 11x14 inch. Solid wood thickness has a variety of specifications, and it can perfect fit wall or desktop.
Some styles of solid wood frames are equipped with simple scaffolds, giving wall hanging tools. You can hang it on the wall and set the table freely.
The certificate framework is easy to transport and safer to use and has high density moisture-proof rear baffle which highlights the nobility and taste.
The iron sheet is replaced with a bow buckle so that the photos can be conveniently replaced without breaking. It will not accidentally scratch hands and can replace photos conveniently.

11x14 Certificate and diploma framework
Simple and fashionable picture frame, the baking process, uniform and beautiful colors, photo frame uses wide beveled edge and is very generous.
Wide edge glass can be signed with oil pen or painted with other personality patterns. Gifts and personal use all can highlight unusual personality.
Exquisite carton packaging with hard cardboard and corner protector to avoid damage.
Suitable for 11*14 photos, wedding photo, children's photo, graduation certificate, award certificate.
Behind the photo frame is a high-quality baffle, wide side support, horizontal and vertical.

Hangzhou Shengzhong Covers Co., Ltd. is a professional and experienced diploma cover manufacturer, we provide 11x14 certificate holder, college certificate frames and etc. Welcome to contact us.

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There’s always the warehouse at Joo Koon. ie NTUC warehouse club.

Supposedly cheaper.

Took a trip there myself today.
Not everything is cheaper than other ntuc stores.

Most stuff is the same price from the few times I’ve gone there. The concept of offering discount for bulk purchases is just completely lost on retailers here, they can’t see past the profit per piece, and then they wonder why they can’t increase sales volume.

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