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Steel in Tool and Molding

Posted By: CUMIC

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021

Price: $500.00

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Each plastic part is produced in a mold made of tool steel.
In 2017, tools and machinery accounted for about 15% of global steel consumption.
Approximately 30% of tool steels are used in plastic mold manufacturing.

The steel used in tools and for molding is a group of steels with a range of other metal add-ins that make these steels harder, more durable, and much more resistant to abrasion and warping, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Depending on different manufacturing applications, tool steels with different prices are divided into three families - cold work steel, hot work steel, and plastics mold steel. Various types of drawing, pressing, punching, and forming dies, gauges, collets rely on cold work steels steel for its inexpensive and durability. The door of your car, for instance, is likely made by a press using cold work steel. Applications like die casting, forging, extrusion, and hot stamping are built with hot work tool steel, while plastic mold steel shaped almost every plastic part in our surroundings, from bottles, casings for TVs, telephones.

The use in tooling and molding market is important as all its production of these tools usually requires strong wear resistance - an essential criterion for the durability of the mold. Tool steels for sale are the choice material to fabricate these molds because of the inherent qualities of steel coupled with tool steel's own ability to maintain resistance to abrasion. It allows the durability of the mold to perform as intended(without breaking or wearing down), which enables hundreds of thousands of moldings operations over its lifetime compared to other metals or steel alternatives. With high hardness and resistance to heat, wear, and corrosion, millions of parts can be shaped multiple times without material depreciation.

CUMIC, one of the best tower steel company , has served the tooling and molding sectors for most of our history. We are able to supply hot work tool steel, cold work tool steel, plastic mold steel, as well as high-speed steel, applicable for tooling and molding industry including but not limited to die casting, gauges, jigs, plastic molds and also cutting tools, etc. We strive to provide diverse materials with the highest attention paid to exceeding the industry's most stringent standards with a focus on resistance to wear, abrasion, and impact steel products for your needs.

CUMIC is committed to providing customers with reliable and innovative solutions for the tool and molding sector using our abundant steel know-how. Our extensive range of product portfolio and value-added services enable us to meet the varied and particular demands of customers in the market.

CUMIC is a professional steel products company, we provide temporary corrosion protection steel, mold base steel, abrasion steel, s136h steel, hot rolled and cold rolled steel sheets and etc. Want to know high strength steel price or more? Please contact us.

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