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Posted By: Mr Solution

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021

Price: $50.00

Mobile: +9890 6767

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Dear Customers ,

UNITED is a registered company in Singapore and our movers are absolutely reliable and professional!!

** Tel : 9890 6767
** Add : 50 Gambas Cresent
** Proxima@Gambas) Singapore (757022)

** Email

** Do visit our Website at:

My Company(UTS) is a registered Company in Singapore that is established in year 2006. Our company provides all sorts of Moving and Relocation Solution. We also provide Storage services, Disposal services, Packing services and many other services that are bound to help you.

No worries, our friendly team of movers are professional, reliable and definitely efficient! We strive to make every move a pleasant one by providing our most reliable and safe services for all of our customers. You will feel at ease with us helping you! We will try our best to be accommodating to every customer's requests too.

We ensure that every moves is a pleasant one as economical as possible with NO extra charges and NO hidden costs! We also have a fleet of vehicles in order to provide you thebest and stress-free moving experiences!


*Residential & Commercial Moves
*Complicated Dismantling Service
*Stuffing and Unstuffing of Containers
*Exhibition & Event Moves
*Long & Short Term Delivery
*Packing & Unpacking Service
*Disposal & Food Stall Removal
*Urgent Moves & Airport Service
*Export Overseas Packaging
*Contract delivery
*Handyman Service

** Night Relocation **
** In-house Storage **
** Sales of carton & Packing Materials **

:Service Package:

*Move Survey
*Protective Wrappings
*Complimentary Boxes
*Normal Dismantle & Assemble
*10 / 15 Footer Covered Trucks
*No hidden costs & Free Quotation
*100 % Hand-Over

For further enquirers, Please contact us at:

Tel : 9890 6767 (STAN)

Email :


...........The Ultimate Moving Experience...........

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

Congratulations. =D> :cool:

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Re: Employment Pass - Medical checkup and Drug test??

As noted, S and WP require the medical exams, however, at least up to a couple of years ago, EPs generally only had to sign a medical form declaring that they didn't have any of the several thing they are looking for. That may have changed, but declaring falsely is a way to get a quick ticket out of Singapore when/if they find out the person lied on the declaration form. But MOM has always retained the ability to require a medical for anybody coming into Singapore on ANY type of residency pass, be it employment, educational or dependent.

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Re: Neighbour's helper bringing foreign worker home

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
I would probably have a chat with them and let them know. I doubt anyone would be thrilled to know that their helper is bringing in strangers on the sly.

Don’t you worry about what might happen to the helper if your neighbor gets truly upset about it? I personally wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew I was the reason the helper got sent back to her home country, they work very hard and for very little money, I can’t help but feel for them.

And if that foreign worker likes what he sees in the house that can afford to keep his GF in luxury and not in a Workers cramped, smelly workers quarters and decides to help himself behind the helper's back. Still feel sorry for the helper when 'she' is accused of a theft she knows nothing about? I have to side with smoulder on this. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the .....

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

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❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:

If I were you, I'd apply now regardless.

Even with lesser approvals granted this year, the elephant's share of PRs are still going to be granted to your kind of profile.

Hi everyone, thinking about this again, since I'm thinking of switching companies, should I apply while I'm still with the current company or wait till I'm with a new company, or it doesn't matter?

Join the new company, wait for 6 months of payslip and then apply.

Back here again 2 years later, took your advise and applied 6 months later (back in Nov 2021), got my PR in 6 months, thank you all on this forum! :D

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Nursing in Malaysia

Hello, I'd like to ask if anyone is familiar with applying as a foreign nurse (Singaporean) in Malaysia. Upon reading, i understand they only accept specialised nurses. i've got a bachelor's and 5 years experience and will undertake specialisation soon. admittedly, an unconventional decision to move to Malaysia for work when others are finding ways to move from Malaysia to Singapore, but i get that a lot. it's a long story. in any case, what are the chances (specific to nurses) of being offered a work pass in Malaysia as a Singaporean? what's the process like?

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