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GOODSELLER Safe & Healthy

Posted By: goodsellerhome

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +86 0579-89895800

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As the COVID-19 spread all over the world, the popularity of personal protective equipment products have been remained high. When vaccines have not yet been fully popularized, disposable protective equipment have become the core weapon of this war. Self-protective equipment also called PPE Items, protect people from external viruses. PPE items include face masks, goggles, face shields, protective clothing, forehead thermometer, Hand sanitizer, gloves and etc. As one of the ppe products manufacturers,GOODSELLER have been providing over 500 million self-protective items to America, Australia, Peru, Singapore, Indonesia Chile and other countries.

Types of Safe & Healthy Products Wholesale
Masks as one of the personal protective materials have a certain filtering effect while the air entering the lungs. When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent or working in dust and other polluted environments, wearing masks has a very good effect. GOODSELLER provides three-layers disposable face masks, medical face masks, surgical face masks, KN95 masks, KN94, cup masks and so on.

A pair of comfortable and wholesale gloves disposable help keep your hands away from liquids, oils, non-slip, and contaminants. They are suitable for serious suitation, including epidemic prevention, kitchen cleaning, pet care, handicrafts, painting, laboratory work and home decoration, etc.

Every day our hands come into contact with varous of objects, and the bacteria and viruses carried by these objects are immeasurable. These germs and viruses are carried back to the family, making you and your family sick.

Using a thermometer to record your physical condition at all times. As a general merchandise company, GOODSELLER provides infrared forehead thermometers, oral themometers, digital thermometers and etc. Digital thermometers such as forehead thermometers can give accurate and reliable temperature in one seconds.

Isolation Gown
The high quality standard Isolation gowns are strong enough for hard enviroment and tough duties while still being comfortable, flexible and breathable. OEM can be carried out according to the requirements of customers.

Anti-Fog wide-vision safety goggle can be applied to classroom lab, home, and workplace safety for preventing flying debris, dust, airborne particles and chemical splashes.

Advantages of GOODSELLER Safe & Healthy

Use the International standard
All the PPE items have CE, FDA, ISO certificates to meet different countries import standards. And we can also provide other needed documents such as Technical Sheet to help customers do customs.

Large production capacity
We have cooperated with the large factories, which are in the international white list. The production line can produce 5 million pieces face masks one day at the same time.

GOODSELLER has launched some combine some hot-selling product sets, which can be sold according to different seasons, such as back to school set and traveling set. Customers can also customize these kits according to their own demands and put their logos on the package.

FAQs of GOODSELLER Safe & Healthy
Do the PPE Items have special payment terms?
Yes, due to the hot sale of PPE items, all the factories only accept 100% payment when we order the raw material. Therefore, our company only do TT for the PPE Item. If some special situation, you can contact us for further discussion.

Do your factory product in the clean environment? Can i visit your factory?
Sure, all the PPE items are product in the clean and reliable environment to make sure all the customers can get a good self protective. And we welcome your visit at any time.

What kind of certificate do you have ?
A: CE , ISO , FDA, and other domestic certifications.

How to control the products quality?
We have always placed great emphasis on quality level. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is "to provide customers better quality, better price and better service".

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