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Professional Automatic Coffee Hot Chocolate Machines

Posted By: colet

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +0086 13586632646

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With more than 15 years experience on development and manufacturing of fully automated coffee machine, Colet knows the different requirements on coffee taste between different countries and regions, and the different requirements on automatic coffee machine technology and design between different usage scenarios. Based on this, Colet developed fully automatic coffee machines series with rich functional configurations, and our partners can choose these functional configurations freely for their required coffee machines, which including espresso, milk foam, hot water, cold water, and chocolate on professional automatic coffee machines.

Professional automatic coffee machines are powerful super-automatic coffee machines designed for high volume use, with massive programmability and customizable options apart from standard home use automatic coffee machines.

Colet is a professional commercial coffee and hot chocolate machine manufacturer, Colet professional automatic coffee machines for sale are designed in commercial coffee machine standard, allow untrained staff to make barista-quality coffee from roasted coffee beans, fresh milk, and chocolate or milk powder with just one touch of a function button on the touch screen.

Besides rich setting and maintenance functions, the powerful software allows users to create or delete any drinks mix from espresso, hot milk, milk foam, chocolate, hot water, and cool water, it supports 1 to 32 beverages that exist on the screen according to the user's requirement. This coffee and hot chocolate vending machine can provide different kinds of drinks such as hot chocolate, latte, espresso, americano, cappuccino, etc.

As a real professional and commercial use bean-to-cup coffee machine that can make hot chocolate, Colet also provided barista mode for professional baristas, the espresso brewing pressure can be adjusted from time to time to make espresso with perfect and favorite taste. In addition, Colet professional automatic coffee machines also equipped with a professional steam wand with a temperature sensor and auto shut-off function.

Colet professional automatic coffee machines are not only ideal as an office self service bean to cup coffee machine hot chocolate, or in retail outlets such as car showrooms, hair salons, but also in commercial business like hotels, bakeries, cafe bar, and convenience stores.

FAQs of Personal Coffee and Chocolate Maker
Q What should I look for when buying a coffee maker?
A When buying a coffee maker, you should not only consider the cost of the machine but also the maintenance cost in the future. A good coffee maker machine should own great quality that would not need frequent maintenance. Also, you should consider whether it is easy to operate and the time it takes.

Q Do some coffee makers make better coffee?
A Even if some coffee makers seem to have the same procedure of making coffee, the quality of the coffee made would be very different. Since the temperature of the water, the grinding measure, and other factors would cause the coffee beans to show different flavors. So a good automatic coffee and hot chocolate machines should give the coffee beans the full play and use the best method to turn the beans to a wonderful cup of coffee. Colet is a reliable and professional coffee and hot chocolate maker manufacturer and supplier, we offer various types of professional coffee machines for sale that would meet your needs. Contact us know and check the price!

Q How do I make the perfect cup of coffee in a coffee maker?
A The water used to make coffee is of great importance, choose the water you like, and you will be surprised that your coffee tasted so good. Also, the amount of coffee beans is also significate, a moderate amount of coffee beans would previde the best taste and would not waste the beans. Water temperature is also important, so you should choose a good coffee maker machine that would not spoil the flavor of good beans.

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