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Repair UAE

Posted By: MuntahaAmber

Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2021

Price: $1.00

Mobile: +0502407180

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Repair UAE| Every Home Require Maintenance

Every Home Require Maintenance A home requires constant maintenance for the overall safety and comfort of both – you and your family members. To keep accommodation in optimal condition, you must repair all broken utilities and install the latest commodities to make your home more functional for today’s environment.

Unfortunately, it is a challenge to locate a reliable, professional, and safe home improvement service in Dubai. Moreover, the cost involved always remains to be an issue and most technicians charge more than required for simple tasks.

To end the dilemma of UAE residents, We came up with an innovative idea to provide home and office owners the flexibility to receive service at their doorstep.

Address: Dubai, UAE
Phone: 0502407180
Visit Website: »
Email: »

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Re: Keep EP or Apply for PMLA+LTVP?

Really really appreciate your time and suggestions @MOCHS and @sundaymorningstaple, thank you both.

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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021

^ its not the salary that is the problem.And I am not a member of any welfare societies with no history of volunteering ( Does this even work or do you get negative marks for trying too hard :D as apparently Indians do try to ' game ' the system )
Hence it's probably the job profile :-k
The regulars here will probably have a better answer.

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Re: Noisy koel birds disturbing my sleep

How do you guys sleep with its noise...i find it extremely annoying to be woken up by their 'alarm clocks' at 6-7am...drives me crazy..

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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021

Hello everyone
Here are my details.
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Family: Married with daugter
Citizenship: Indian
Education: Bachelor of Science india , Executive Programme NUS
Current Job: Director ( Permanent Job) Banking
Annual Salary: Around 240k plus bonus 200k
In SG since Feb 2013 ( All permanent jobs have grown in Singapore in last nine years )
Active member in two societies in Singapore for education and social welfare for last 2 year

Applied : 6 times all rejected , 1 appeal rejected .
Motivation : Dont give up and keep applying as i feel you will not get untill you apply . I love the place and want to start up my own once i get PR .
Looking for some inputs to assess my chances of getting an approval.
Applied last month

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Re: Gas hob reviews requested

We probably can’t hang onto the past definition of “long lasting” any more and have to adjust and manage our expectations that the appliances will have a shorter life expectancy. Sad but it is the way it is… unless some company becomes a game changer.

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