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Build Your DeFi Dapps By Using Top-Tier Development Services

Posted By: DarlyDixon

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +6382665366

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The decentralized domain has been expanding rapidly in recent years. They have been very successful in the field of decentralized applications. These unique applications are the perfect complement for the DeFi sector. Thus, to build your DeFi Dapps, hiring a world-class DeFi development company is a must. To know more:

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Looking for partners to export water tanks to foreign countries

Dai Thanh 500L plastic water tank is a water storage device that many families are interested in because it is suitable for their needs and super durable. Surely you will be completely satisfied when using this product to store water for daily life. Following is the price of Dai Thanh plastic water tank 500L?
Outstanding advantages of Dai Thanh 500L plastic water tank
It is not natural that Dai Thanh 500L plastic water tank is chosen by so many people. The following outstanding advantages of this product will make you impossible to ignore when there is a need to use:
The design of the water tank has thick ribs along with high-quality plastic material to help the product have good elasticity, high durability and withstand the harsh weather.
The product has a modern design and high aesthetics suitable for any space.
Dai Thanh plastic water tank has the quality of ISO 9001 2008 which is absolutely safe for users.
Diverse models, full range of capacities make it easy for customers to .....

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Re: PMLA rejected

With PMLA, LTVP application can take up to 6 weeks.

Without PMLA, the LTVP can take up to 6 months and maybe there’s a chance of rejection.

You did not mention the following:
- Is fiancé currently in SG or has entered SG before a few times in the past?

- Are you also in SG?

- How long did you two know each other? If the time is too short ICA might suspect a marriage of convenience aka scam marriage.

- How long have you been working for?

- Do either of you have criminal records?

- Your race?

I had a friend who had PMLA rejected for her foreigner husband but LTVP approved after the wedding. That was about 4 years ago though.

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Re: interior designer jobs. opinions welcomed!

Have you made your decision? I would choose commercial design) Sorry for the late answer, found this topic randomly.

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PMLA rejected

There are not many information out there on what to do when PMLA got rejected. Do we resubmit again or proceed with LTVP? They didnt give any reason or information on why the form was rejected.

F Singaporean 36
Degree holder

M Egyptian 33
Degree holder
Free lance IT

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Re: where to rent garage space?

There are a lot of light industrial areas in Singapore that might work for you. It depends where you are located. These tend to be strips of shops, each with a garage door and an entry door. Various sizes. You'll find anything and everything in the shop areas.

Where you rent depends upon where you live. Light industrial buildings are all over the island.

For example, near Alexandra and Jalan Bukit Merah, there are tons of mostly automotive and motorcycle stalls.

On Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, east of CTE, there is the AMK tech park... again, lots of small stalls... these ones are primarily air conditioning, electrical, and the such.

There are a ton of rental shops available near Ubi Ave 2 and Paya Lebar... tons of different buildings... some with internal hallway access, some with external access.

There are many more... for example, west of the intersection of Lavender and Kallang there are many hardware type shops.

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