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Posted By: ArnonBrian

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021

Price: $1.00

Mobile: +65-6914-9652

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"Anchanto eCommerce Warehouse Management System (eWMS) is a proprietary SaaS platform that enables B2B & B2C eCommerce for 3PLs, Warehouses and Brands. With 41 eCommerce marketplace integrations and 20 strategic partnerships, the platform enables Inventory, Order & Warehouse Operations management.
Anchanto eWMS has helped businesses such as 3M, Garnier, L’OREAL, Luxasia, DKSH, Maybelline, Essilor, and many more, upgrade their existing assets, and equip themselves with eCommerce capabilities.

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Re: REP under FTS (stuck overseas during covid)

Owning a property wouldn't make much of a difference. The kids yes.

What they can have access is a bit of mystery. I renewed my REP earlier this year, and it seems there is more details asked that it used to be. Information that you'd think gov agencies have access to. So seems that some of the privacy laws etc limit low level admins access to your data or why would they otherwise ask my salary information available from IRAS (and CPF) or if I'm married to a SC (considering that I got my PR with the family ties scheme). The 2 SC kids would add some points, especially if he's from a country that you all could reasonably migrate to, that would be losing 3 citizens.

So, can't say what would happen to your case but I'd say just apply online for the renewal as early as possible (3months before expiry) and if rejected then try to do what you can.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Tennis partner river valley


I live in River Valley vicinity too. I am interested to play but I have not taken tennis lesson before. Just have a hobby and want to try out. I don't house any tennis courts though.

Posted in Sports & Recreational Partners & Team

Re: PMLA rejected

With PMLA, LTVP application can take up to 6 weeks.

Without PMLA, the LTVP can take up to 6 months and maybe there’s a chance of rejection.

You did not mention the following:
- Is fiancé currently in SG or has entered SG before a few times in the past?

- Are you also in SG?

- How long did you two know each other? If the time is too short ICA might suspect a marriage of convenience aka scam marriage.

- How long have you been working for?

- Do either of you have criminal records?

- Your race?

I had a friend who had PMLA rejected for her foreigner husband but LTVP approved after the wedding. That was about 4 years ago though.

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Re: interior designer jobs. opinions welcomed!

Have you made your decision? I would choose commercial design) Sorry for the late answer, found this topic randomly.

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PMLA rejected

There are not many information out there on what to do when PMLA got rejected. Do we resubmit again or proceed with LTVP? They didnt give any reason or information on why the form was rejected.

F Singaporean 36
Degree holder

M Egyptian 33
Degree holder
Free lance IT

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