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best cab service

Posted By: quickcabs

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021

Price: $20,000.00

Mobile: +7795031279

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Welcome to Quick Car Rental Pvt Ltd, India’s best cab service. With the motto of promoting customer satisfaction above all, we have become the top choice among clients all over India in car rental and cab booking.Who are We?Famed as the best cab service in India, we at Quick Car Rental Pvt Ltd are here to transform the way India travels by cabs. With a pan-Indian presence, our car rental and cab services have become a leading choice among customers.With our headquarters located in Bangalore, we serve customers throughout the country and help them travel to their destinations. Our professionalism and punctuality have helped us excel to be the first choice when it comes to cab booking.Our Innovative Offerings Our ingenious offerings are meant to enhance the customer experience. Here are some of them that have won us the title of the best cab service in India.Easy Online Cab Booking We make online cab bookings much easier and simpler. Just visit, fill the form with your trip details and it’s done.Affordable Packages Tired of paying a hefty cab charge every time you travel? With Quick Car Rental Pvt Ltd, say goodbye to costly cab fares or car rents.Unmatched Service With thousands of cab services across India, achieving the fame of the best cab service is a big deal. Thanks to our unmatched level of expertise, we have won the trust of crores of Indians.
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PR Application - Need help to pick right occupation for my role

Hi, I am applying for PR application. I am currently Senior DevOps Engineer. I currently builds, maintain, and scale cloud and desktop infrastructure for my team and lead a team of DevOps engineer. When i looked at ICA occupation list, I am unable to find suitable occupation to match. Here is occupation list - Can someone suggest which occupation should i pick ? If any of DevOps engineer has applied please let me know which occupation you have picked it.

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Re: Family PR Formalities

Just email ICA to explain due to COVID and the kids schooling schedule, you do not want to disrupt their education and request to postpone the appointment to a period where it is more conducive for the whole family to come down to proceed with the formalities.

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Re: Family PR Formalities

Quite honestly I don't think he even has the option of just proceeding with PR formalities for his wife but not his kids. The IPA for his wife is pertinent to his kids being included in the whole application i.e. their applications aren't independent of each other. It is quite possible that had he applied for his wife alone (without including his kids), she would have been rejected.

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Re: Family PR Formalities

It will definitely sent the wrong signals. This is becaused of the fact that one child is a male and will incur an NS obligation if getting PR. Too many people have tried to find ways around this inherited obligation and basically all they do is throw up potential minefields for the future of their children by limiting their choices once the reach the age of majority. The government here has a very long memory and it is also a very good possibility according to one mouthpiece of the government that families that try to do work-arounds with regard to NS issues may well find their ability to get their OWN REP renewed when it comes due. That could really ruin you day as well. Additionally you have already let the government know what you are planning (by trying to remove them from the IPA). Your ship has a leak in it and frankly if you go through with it, I foresee problems later. Maybe sooner than later.......

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Re: Citizenship application rejected - appeal or not

Just keep applying especially if there is some material change in your circumstances.

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