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best cab service

Posted By: quickcabs

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021

Price: $20,000.00

Mobile: +7795031279

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Welcome to Quick Car Rental Pvt Ltd, India’s best cab service. With the motto of promoting customer satisfaction above all, we have become the top choice among clients all over India in car rental and cab booking.Who are We?Famed as the best cab service in India, we at Quick Car Rental Pvt Ltd are here to transform the way India travels by cabs. With a pan-Indian presence, our car rental and cab services have become a leading choice among customers.With our headquarters located in Bangalore, we serve customers throughout the country and help them travel to their destinations. Our professionalism and punctuality have helped us excel to be the first choice when it comes to cab booking.Our Innovative Offerings Our ingenious offerings are meant to enhance the customer experience. Here are some of them that have won us the title of the best cab service in India.Easy Online Cab Booking We make online cab bookings much easier and simpler. Just visit, fill the form with your trip details and it’s done.Affordable Packages Tired of paying a hefty cab charge every time you travel? With Quick Car Rental Pvt Ltd, say goodbye to costly cab fares or car rents.Unmatched Service With thousands of cab services across India, achieving the fame of the best cab service is a big deal. Thanks to our unmatched level of expertise, we have won the trust of crores of Indians.
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Re: Pets are costing more

Your typical mixed breed rescue dogs and moggies are better value, will give you the same love and will probably be far healthier.

Posted in Staying, Living in Singapore

Enhanced security for digital banking

Finally, something is to be about 2 week.

- Removal of links in emails and text from banks
- Less than $100 limit for transaction notifs to customer
- 12 Hr delay before activation of new soft token on mobile device (this would be very useful for customers to have enough time to make report)
- Notification via email/call if there is a request to change customer contact details (very good !)
- Cooling off period before making key account changes
- Dedicated teams to handle customer feedback for fraud (should have done this 100 yrs ago!)

:) :)

Posted in Computer, Internet, Phone & Electronics

Re: PR Approval Probability 2021


We applied for PR in Aug 2021.

Age: 44
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Malaysian
Gender: Female
Marital status: Married
Children: 1 son, 11 years old
Education: BA from US
Job: HR Manager
Salary: $120k pa (w/o bonus)
pass: EP
Duration in SG: 5.5 years

Age: 42
Race: White
Nationality: French
Education: Master's in Computer Science from France
Job: Head of Data
Salary: $120k pa (w/o bonus)
pass: EP

In your experience, what are our chances?

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Pets are costing more

Some cats are also trading around $4k.

The market has spoken, C19 has put a price on loneliness.

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Re: EP visa application time/ visitor visa option


My visa application was submitted on 10 Jan 2021 and it was approved yesterday so it took just 9 days! I am absolutely ectastic particularly knowing how long it has taken other people to have theirs approved. I work for a large global financial company who used a local law firm to submit- I'm not sure whether this helped facilitate a quick turnaround.

A big thanks to everyone for your advice, especially to Malcontent. Pleased now that I don't have to worry about taking lots of luggage with me!

Good luck everyone with your visa applications!

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore