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Posted By: PETO

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021

Price: $1.00

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Hunan PETO Biotechnology Co., Ltd., one of the biggest manufacturers of making pets food and cheap pet and feed supplies in bulk. As one of the pet food suppliers wholesale and pet accessories wholesale companies in China, we can supply a one-stop OEM/ODM service for Pets food and natural pet supplies. We are committed to supplying natural, nutritious, well taste and high quality pet food, we also can supply high-quality pet toys and other pet merchandise for your loving Pets, it is the maker of your beautiful, healthy and happy pets, let them have a happy day. Loving life and loving your pets.

PETO Product List
Pet Food & Treats
We can supply a series of pets food, which take strictest quality standard and our raw material is human grade, Grain-Free, Soft, and Chewy are healthy for your loving pets
Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food Series  
Freeze-Dried Pet Seafood Series  
Freeze-Dried Pet Treats Series  
Mixed Pet Treats Series  
Oven Baked Pet Food Series

Pet Supplies
Factory direct supply Pet supplies of Cleaning, Feeding, Toys for pets, the best you can do for your loving pets with a pleasure time.
Pet Cleaning Supplies  
Pet Feeding Supplies  
Pet Toys  
Other Pet Supplies

Dog Chews
Dog chews is a functional chewing food for pets.Dog chews is usually made into the shape of bone and strip. It is a kind of snack specially designed and developed for dogs. It is also a kind of high p...
Expanded Series  
Knotted Series  
Meat And Skin Mixed Series  
Meat-winding Series  
Particulate Product Series  
Pressed Series  
Scroll Series

FAQs of Pet Food Treat & Supply
Q. What is the location of your company?
A.Our company is located in Hunan China and we are one of the biggest factories in China.
Q. What are your main Products?
A.We can supply a series of pet feed, such as freeze dried raw dog treats and other low-temperature oven baked food series.
Q. What is your sample delivery time?
A.Sample delivery time is 2-7 days.
Q. What is Your MOQ?
A.MOQ is 10 kg for each product.
Q. What is your delivery time of production?
A.Mass production time: 7-15days. It depends on order quantity.
Q. What is your payment term?
A.We accept Paypal, TT, Alipay, Western Union, Xtransfer and so on.

Hunan PETO Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional pet food manufacturers, we provide pet goods wholesale, cheap pet supplies in bulk, pet accessories wholesale china, bulk pet supplies wholesale, pet shop supplies wholesale, pet store supplies wholesale, cheap pet supplies wholesale, pet and feed, pet retail supply and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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Re: Is there a RETIREMENT AGE in Singapore?

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This is why so many people try to get a retrenchment package in their late 50s , early 60s and then move on to another project or job until their CPF kicks in. IF you can walk out as I did at 57 with 13 months salary you've got a fair chunk towards a retirement package.

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Re: Looking for advice on applying for jobs in SG as a foreigner

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❰❰ Quote:

Think her base salary is about 3.5 but usually with bonuses and overtime it works out more like four.
She only has about 10000 in CPF (became PR in early 2021 roughly).
We are only getting married in Jan so they might see it as a ‘marriage of convenience' too?

Those are the negatives anyway.

If they need nurses and don't want to lose them, does that count in her favour?
She is Malaysian Chinese (27) and child bearing age. Tho maybe that doesn't matter for LTVP.
I have a degree in UK from top 200 University and doing a masters atm. I worked in Singapore from 2017-2021. Will they have knowledge of that when considering application?
I can also speak a bit of Chinese but doubt that matters.
From what I gather, LTVPs are accepted for the most part, are they not?

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Re: SIA cabin crew

How would anybody on this board know? Nobody here is part of the hiring process. For all anybody here knows you might not receive a call at all.

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Re: PR approval chances 2022

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Would you say once I reach my 40s there would be 'no point' applying for PR as a single because here is 'less chance' I will have a family/kids in Singapore? Though I think it would be quite sad to get rejected for PR even after working in SG for 10+ years... #-o

You are in the right industry. The old saw here about getting PR after the age of 45 only if you are a neurosurgeon or rocket scientist has a lot of truth to it when you consider the size of Singapore (580 sq/km) and the population (5.5 m) and the lowest TFR in the world (it's been in the bottom three for 30 years). That is why the preference for child bearing aged married folks are preferred. A Single person theoretically takes the same amount of housing space (something of a premium here) as a married couple with one newborn (which can grow up to be a baby-oven or NS man - both required badly). We don't mean to be negative but it is what it is. If .....

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Re: SIA cabin crew

Hi everyone!

May I know when will I get the golden call?

I did my medical check-up on 27th May 2022 and still have not gotten any calls or email yet.

Previously I wrote my notice period on my application is 1 month but I wrote 2 weeks notice period on the actual interview date. Now I can go anytime/immediately.

Any suggestions? 🥹

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