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30ml Amber Glass Bottle With 18-415 Tamper Evident Child Proof Dropper Cap

Posted By: sizepackage

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021

Price: $5,000.00

Mobile: +0513-86415825

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30ml amber glass bottle with 18-415 striped tamper evident child proof TE&CRC dropper cap food grade calibrated glass pipette for cosmetic oil essential oil cbd oil.

Overview of 30ml Amber Glass Bottle With 18 415 dropper Cap
Dropper bottle

Dropper cap

Tamper evident dropper bottle

Child proof dropper cap

Details of 30ml Amber Glass Bottle With 18-415 Tamper Evident Child Proof Dropper Cap
Dropper bottles are widely used for essential oil, chemical liquid, and liquid medicine.

High quality 18-415 tamper evident child proof dropper cap with calibrated glass pipette can be used for cosmetic oil, essential oil, CBD oil, etc.

Advantages of 30ml Amber Glass Bottle With 18-415 Tamper Evident Child Proof Dropper Cap
SIZE owned mold

High standard quality checking

Quick delivery

Specification of 30ml Amber Glass Bottle With 18-415 Tamper Evident Child Proof Dropper Cap
Capacity Unit Weight Closure Size Bottle height Bottom Diameter Pipette
30ml 48g DIN18 78.80mm 33.00mm 75mm/77mm

Other Notes of 30ml Amber Glass Bottle With 18-415 Tamper Evident Child Proof Dropper Cap

1.Can we get free samples?
Yes. All of our samples of the glass dispenser bottle are free and customers just need to cover the freight cost.
You can do freight collect, or pay the freight via Alibaba.

2.How we solve the problem if that happened at the destination?
Please offer evidence for the bad ones, like send samples, pictures, we will replace, deduct money or other ways that we both agreed to solve the problem.

3.Can you produce bottles according to our designs?
Yes. We have rich experience in developing custom models due to years of cooperation with big companies.

4.What is the normal lead time?
The production time is usually within 7-30 days after payment received.
It depends on the number of your orders.

5.What if I have any other questions?
Please leave us a message, your inquiries will be answered asap within 10 hours.

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