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Cockapoo Puppies for Sale 88 Euro Pets (Imported from UK) Call 81352277

Posted By: 88europets

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021

Price: $7,999.00

Mobile: +65 81352277

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Cockapoo Puppies for Sale:

$7,999 Male/Female (Imported from UK)
Best combination of English Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle with Perfect Buff features and Bubbly Character.

Call 81352277 now.
Strictly by Appointments.

Origin: United Kingdom
Imported: Yes
Grading: A
Ethical: Yes
Generation: F1
Vaccinated: 2x
Dewormed: 3x
Vet Checked: Yes
AVS Checked: Yes
Flight Checked: Yes
ISO Microchipped: Yes
Ready to go Home: Yes
Lifespan: 13-14 years
Weight 15-17kg /-
Trainability: Excellent
Features: Buff

License AS16C00015
*All puppies are ethically sourced and triple verified by Governmental agencies, independent vets, AVS Approved and comes with EU Passport bearing Great Britain origin, recongnized by the European Union and USDA Approved.
*Buy with Confidence, Assurance, Ethical sourced and a Peace of Mind from 88 Euro Pets Licensed Grade A Pet Shop.
*Visit SPCA before committing to a pet.

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