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$7/pc Korean Soju/Good Day Soju/One Shot Soju/Chuga Soju/Flavour Soju on Sale @ Oxley Bizub 1, 65 Ubi Road 1

Posted By: Yanling

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021

Price: $7.00

Mobile: +65 96353518

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$7/pc Korean Soju/Good Day Soju/One Shot Soju/Chuga Soju/Flavour Soju on Sale @

Chuga Watermelon Soju
Chuga Lychee Soju
Chuga Muscat Green Grape Soju
Chuga Honey Dew Soju
Chuga Apple Soju
Chuga White Peach Soju
Chuga Original Soju-$8.50/pc

Hana Peach Soju
Hana Lychee Soju
Hana Watermelon Soju
Hana Green Grape Soju
Hana Original Soju-$8/pc

One Shot Watermelon Soju
One Shot Lychee Soju
One Shot White Peach Soju
One Shot Mango Soju
One Shot Green Grape Soju
One Shot Original Soju-$8.50

Good Day Green Grape Soju
Good Day Peach Soju
Good Day Grapefruit Soju
Good Day Melon Soju
Good Day Apple Soju
Good Day Mango Soju
Good Day Strawberry Soju
Good Day Cherry Soju
Good Day Pomegranate Soju
Good Day Pineapple Soju
Good Day Calamansi Soju
Good Day Yuzu Soju
Good Day Blueberry Soju
Good Day Original Soju-$8.50/pc

$8pc Korean Soju/Jinro Soju/Flavour Soju on Sale @ Oxley Bizhub 1, 65 Ubi Road 1

Jinro Green Grape Soju
Jinro Grapefruit Soju
Jinro Plum Soju
Jinro Strawberry Soju
Jinro Chamisul Fresh Original Soju-$9.50

Korean Beer

Cass Beer - $18/6cans/330ml or $60/ctn/24cans
Hite Beer - $18/6cans/335ml or $60/ctn/24cans

Sapporo Beer-$90/ctn/650ml x 12cans

For enquiry, pls Whatsapp 95353518 or 98350388 Cass Koh(Drink2Connect)

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