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Right Angle Prism

Posted By: hypoptics

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021

Price: $200.00

Mobile: +86-25-86626311

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Hyperion Optics is a premium supplier of photonics products including optical components, lens systems, and opto-mechanical assemblies from UV, VIS, NIR, to SWIR applications. We specialize in optical assembly manufacturing, hyp design, optical design manufacturing from rapid prototyping to volume production. Our comprehensive metrology coupled with cost-effective philosophy can help Hyperion customers obtain a competitive edge in the global market.

Right angle prism turn light through 90° by internal reflection from the hypotenuse, or 180° from two right angle surfaces. When the light incident angle is perpendicular to the right angle surfaces, the light will be reflected at the surface of glass/air interface.

When the input light is incident from hypotenuse surface, the light will be fully reflected in the glass / air interface at the right angle surfaces. The second total reflection occurs at next right angle surface.

Compared to regular reflective mirrors, right angle prism is easily to be mounted; further its reliable mechanical stress has better stability and strength. Hence right angle prisms have been considered as suitable alternatives to reflective mirrors in various applications.

Hyperion Optics supplies a range of right angle prisms to meet UV-Visible-NIR applications, with high surface quality and tight tolerance angles. Our materials selection ranges from BK7, Bak4, fused silica, ZnSe, CaF2 etc.

Material tips for your application:

For working wavelength down to 175nm or so, with low thermal expansion requirement, Fused silica is the right choice with tighter tolerance control due to its excellent mechanical stability.
For visible and NIR wavelength, N-BK7 or CDGM H-K9L is suitable and cost effective.
For infrared wavelength, ZnSe and germanium are the right material to pick up.
Calcium fluoride has relatively wide transmittance range from 0.18~8um, it is the best choice when your application covers such wide transmission range.

Hyperion Optics has full capability of processing right angle prisms based on the materials we proposed above with 3 precision levels fit your actual demand.

Dimension Tolerance(mm) ±0.05 ±0.03 ±0.0125
Angle Tolerance 5‘ 3’ 30"
Cosmetic(MIL-C-13830A) 80-50 40-20 10-5
Flatness  @632.8 nm 2 Lambda 1/2 Lambda 1/10 Lambda
Coating (T% avg) VIS 96-98% 99% 99.5%
Coating (R% avg) VIS 96-98% 99% 99.5%
Materials BK7, Bak4, fused silica, ZnSe,Ge,CaF2

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