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Candy Bags

Posted By: texpackmfg

Date: Tue, 25 May 2021

Price: $0.20

Mobile: +020-3996 0576

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Texpack Manufacturing was founded in 2002, and has grown up into one of the largest candy bag supplier of home textile packaging and aims to be the leading supplier of this industry in the world.The products of bags and packaging include memory foam cushion, memory foam cushion, biodegradable packing bags and so on.

Brief Introduction Of Candy Bags
Candy bags not only provide convenience for shoppers but also can be used to promote products or brands again. A well-designed handbag will be unforgettable. Even if the candy bag has a striking trademark or advertisement, customers will be happy to reuse it. This kind of candy bag has been widely used at present.

Candy Bags Packaging
The outer layer of the plastic bag is vacuum packaging. The main purpose is to prevent food from deliquescence and deterioration. Please refer to the shape of the bulging bag of Leshi potato chips. The paper packaging of the middle layer is for the purpose of finalization. On the one hand, it can ensure that candy can be stuffed as much as possible on the premise of the fixed size of the outer packaging. On the other hand, it can ensure that candy will not be damaged due to collision with each other due to bulk. We can refer to the bulk candy. On the one hand, it is not filled with a bag full of 1 / 3 sugar. On the other hand, the arc shape is not as easy to be damaged by the collision as the cylindrical edge. The innermost layer of PET plastic film is to separate candy. The cylindrical structure contains more sugar, but the relative contact area between sugar and sugar is large. Efforts should be made to prevent one sugar from destroying a box of sugar due to the melting and sticking of candy together, and it is conducive to extending the storage time after opening the vacuum packaging. Please refer to the example that the chocolate which is easier to melt is packed in a single package and separated by large space, and some chocolate packaging paper will use tin foil paper to enhance the heat dissipation performance.

Environmental Protection Type Candy Bags
Degradable plastic candy bag - this kind of candy bag is made of fully degradable plastic and has complete degradability performance. The product can be completely degraded into small molecule microorganism in the field without any environmental pollution. At present, this kind of plastic shopping bag is popularized abroad. According to the specific composition of fully degradable plastics, they can be divided into the following three categories:

PLA and PHA biodegradable plastics, which are synthesized by biological fermentation with natural starch as raw material, need to consume a lot of food, so the development space is limited.
Aliphatic polycarbonate (APC) is a kind of degradable plastics, which is synthesized from carbon dioxide. It uses carbon dioxide, a byproduct of industry, which is being called by everyone at present, as the raw material, not only does not consume food, but also can reduce the carbon emission, eliminate the "El Nino" phenomenon caused by the greenhouse gas effect, and achieve two things with one stone, so it has a broad market prospect.
At present, the fully degradable products added with nonstarch degradant in common plastics are in the stage of industrialization. For example, the degradability is reliable. Therefore, it has a bright future.
We provide candy bags in bulk, recycled candy wrapper bags, small candy bags for weddings, individual candy bags, black and white candy bags and so on. If you want buy candy bags,you can contact us anytime.

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